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I love taking my dog with me when I go in the car, but the dirt from his paws just makes a mess in the car. Whether it’s dust, blacktop, sand, mud, rain, snow, ice or leaves, all that gets trapped in the car and makes a huge mess on the car seat and on the car floor. I’ve tried using towels, blankets, and all kinds of things to cover and protect the car seat, but they slide all around. They don’t stay put. The dog paw prints still get all over the seat. I recently ordered a dog car seat cover designed to go into the backseat to protect it and make a nice safe cozy spot for dogs. It’s from Winner Outfitters. It’s extra comfy and most importantly, it protects the seat of your car from dog nails scratching, hair, and dirt. It has multiple layers and non-slip backing to help it stay in place on the seat of the car. I noticed that it’s made out of sturdy layers multi-level fabric. The front side feels like a canvas which is like most car seat covers, and the bottom side of the car seat cover is a waterproof liner which is like plastic. This would be the side that goes against your car seat. It has four straps with buckles that hook over the headrests in your car. You make a nice big sling seat for your dog. It also has side flaps that go down to protect the sides of the car seat when your dog is getting in and out of the car.


Let me guide you how simple it is to install the car seat cover for the backseat of your car, so you can take your dog along and keep your car clean. It’s designed like a hammock. It’s going to keep your dog safe and secure, so he can’t be jumping into the front seat or slipping down into the footwell of the passenger section of the car. Let me show you how easy it is to hook in.

  • Fold out the car seat cover horizontally on the back seat until you see the middle part that actually goes down on to the seat has a netting section. That’s going to keep it from slipping around. It also has two plastic tube handles that tuck in between the seat to hold it in place.
  • Find the two plastic handles and put those against the seat back and then tuck the handles into the spot between the seat back and the seat bottom.
  • Fold the car seat cover open vertically and place the back over the back of the seat.
  • Hook the two clips over the headrests and pull the straps up to adjust it, so that it fits snugly.
  • Tug on car seat cover and see that the little handles are holding it securely in place.
  • Fold up the other half of your dog car seat hammock and snap the straps over the front seats’ headrests. The straps should easily attach, and you can adjust them to nearly any sizes of headrests.
  • You’ll also notice that there are flaps on the dog car seat cover. These go down over the sides of the car seat to help keep everything clean and nice even if your dog likes to jump up on the car door. You could also push the flaps up to help protect that area as well.
  • There are also a pair of Velcro slots at the seat back that you can pull open if you want to use the included dog harness. It’s like a leash that clips to the seat belt. You can insert this into your seat belt buckle and then clip it onto your dog.
  • Smooth it out and insert your dog.
  • Shut the doors or hook them if you want to.

You’re ready to go on your next adventure bringing your dog along get your car dog road ready with a dog car seat cover that’s like a hammock from Winner Outfitters.

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