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You should also do a regular check of your power steering fluid. You need to make sure that your car has enough of it to keep running smoothly. You should also check your car’s power systems and be on the lookout for leakages. Plenty of car engines have transparent reservoirs so spotting holes and leaks shouldn’t be so hard.


Choosing a substitute for power steering fluid is not easy. You have to be very careful because putting the wrong kind of liquid in your car will cost you so much money in repairs. The wrong power steering fluid alternative will destroy your car’s rubber and plastic parts. It might even cause a terrible chemical reaction when it mixes with your car’s original fluids.

Not all cars use the same power steering fluid. While most go for mineral oil or those silicone based-ones, others use ATF. The difference is that ATF is created using synthetic elements. You need to keep that in mind when choosing a power steering fluid substitute. There are many fluids out there and not all of them will work with your vehicle. So choose wisely.

What are your options?

You need to understand what kind of fluid you need before buying anything. Not every car fluid will word for your power system. For example, can you use brake fluids as a power steering fluid substitute? The answer is no. They’re not made of the same components and would affect your car differently.

Brake fluids are a mixture of many chemicals, but they’re mainly made up of glycol-ether made fluids. While ATF, the common power steering fluid substitute, is made up of 80-90 percent synthetic base oil and the rest of it are additives.

This is why it’s important to be critical when choosing the compatible fluid. All these fluids are made up of different things. The wrong choice can do major damage to your vehicle.

The most common power steering fluid alternatives are made by gas companies. Even if they’re all ATF, they all have different recipes. Some have higher viscosity and additives than others. You need to know, which will work for your vehicle before choosing which one to get.

The best ATFs on the market

Here are the top substitutes that you can use for your vehicle.

Dexron power steering fluid

The Dexron power steering fluid has been on the market for a while. It used to be a greenish, brownish substance until sperm what oils were banned from the market. Since it was the main ingredient to making this steering fluid, its entire recipe needed reformulating. Don’t worry, the new fluid is just as efficient as the one before. Dexron currently has many different variations like Dexron IIE, Dexron III G, etc.

Mercon power steering fluid

This other power steering fluid substitute also has different variations like Mercon H, Mercon V, etc.

Dexron and Mercon are interchangeable. These two fluids are so common that car companies have adapted them for their vehicles. There are many kinds of them on the market, so be careful when getting the right one for your ride.

Some gas companies guarantee that these products can be used for many different types of engines. This is not exactly true. You should be careful of fluids that claim to work for plenty of vehicles.

Other types of Automatic Transmission Fluids

Type A

This atf power steering fluid was made during the 50s. It was the only fluid around then, and it was used for all types of motors. It was on the market up until the 60s.

Type F

This is another old type atf power steering fluid it can now only be used for antique cars.

HFM(Highly friction modified) Fluids

This ATF has more friction than both Mercon and Dexron.

Final word

In case of emergency go for ATFs. They’re your safest bet at getting your car back to life. However, nothing can replace the real thing. Power Steering fluids are budget friendly. No substitute can power your engine better than they can.

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