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  • Last Updated: 17 April 2020

Water spots are caused by water. No matter how hard you try and how careful you are, you can never avoid getting your car wet. It only takes a small amount of water to form a water spot.

Water is not exactly the main culprit. Truth is, it’s harmless. However, water usually has various chemicals and elements on it. So even after it dries up, everything else remains. It’s those things that cause damages to car paints.


There only two categories of water spots. Once you see stains on your car, try to identify which of the categories below it belongs in. This will help you find out how much damage it can do. This will also tell you how to remove the hard water spots on car.

Category one: Hard water spots on car

Stains that belong to this category are mild. They’re only on your car paint’s surface. These are leftovers that remained when the water on your car evaporated. They’re not that hard to remove, but they’re still a nuisance anyway.

These stains are very common. You have plenty of them everywhere in your house, especially your bathroom. They won’t get underneath your car’s surface that fast, so there’s no hurry in getting rid of them. Of course, you shouldn’t totally ignore them either.

Category two: Water spots with corrosive chemicals

This type of stain is the more damaging one. It’s the type that you should be most worried about. Category two stains are tough to remove. They leave a lasting etching on your car’s surface that is hard to repair. They contain corrosive chemicals, which are not that easy to get rid of.

Ways on how to get rid of water spots on car.

Since you now know how they’re formed. It’s time to find out how to get water spots off your car.

There are readymade solutions that can help you remove water spots. They’ll cost you, though. So here are natural alternative fixes that you can do to solve your stain problem.

How to get rid of water spots on car using only water.

Even if the problem came from water, it’s still the first remedy you can apply to fix it. A simple car wash can help you remove the stains. We advise you to use water softeners to wash the spots out. However, these solutions are expensive. You can also go for distilled water, which is more common and is far cheaper.

It’s important not to leave your car out to dry. It’s what causes water spots to form. Use towels to dry your car and as much as possible, do that cleaning in a cool shaded area.

How to remove water spots from car with vinegar.

After you’re done washing your car, wipe diluted vinegar all over it. Mix equal amounts of distilled water and vinegar on a bucket and apply it on your car using a soft towel. This can remove any mineral residue that water couldn’t.

Detailing clay for the finish

After you’re finished removing all the hard water spots on car, use a towel to apply detailing clay all over it. This can remove any residue or debris that water and vinegar might have missed. Do this to prevent any leftover substances from damaging your paint even more.

Tips to prevent water spots from appearing in your car.

Now that you know how to get water spots off your car, here are some tips to minimize the chances of getting them again.

The first thing that you could do is wipe your car clean with soft towels. It’s a lot of hard work, but it will keep your car paint looking great and pristine.

You could also apply a sealant on your car. This will prevent water spots from forming on your car’s surface.

Final word

Water is always present. You can never keep your car away from it all the time. What’s important is that you know how to get water spots off your car without needing to call a professional. Just follow all the steps above, and you should be fine.

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