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  • Last Updated: 17 April 2020

I am now driving the truck and I’m going to turn this truck into a smart truck. How am I going to do that? Well, I got the Lexus sitting around here with me. Mind you, it doesn’t need any seat belt. The car that I’m driving is the 2014 GMC, so it’s got the Wi-Fi built in, and I can just make it look like I’m just sitting at home.

“Alexa, play me some music.”

“Here’s a station you might like One Republic”


We’re going to make a car into a smart car and actually in this case we’re making your truck into a smart truck. I’m a smart driver and so will my truck be. And we’re doing that with the Amazon echo. Right now, we have the Echo Dot. It is plugged into a battery. And the battery, you can have an audio cable, so it comes in through your car audio system. Or you can now Bluetooth it. Bluetooth it to your car speakers so that the sound comes out that way. Right now, we have an audio cable, and that’s how we’re hearing it.


As far as getting our internet connection, you can connect it to the Wi-Fi of your truck. This is 2014 you have a Wi-Fi built-in. But if you don’t have a Wi-Fi built-in, you can tether it off of your phone, your smartphone. And that’s actually what we are doing right now. So Alexa is tethered off of my phone and that’s where we are getting our internet.

That’s how it works when you get to the beach. I am saying that you got to have your smartphone to let you get connected to the internet. As long as you have your phone you’re on the beach you can connect to the internet. You can do anything with Alexa. I like that. I mean, right now she’s probably waiting for me to give a command.


  • Do your shopping in your car.
  • Can you order a pizza while you’re driving? Yes, you can do that too. You can order Chinese food or whatever you want. It’s beautiful. And by the time you get home, it might even be there.Ask Alexa to add events to your calendar.
  • Now we just came from a job. it’s a pricing of a job. And it is now ten o’clock in the morning and you know when I knocked on a door she was expecting me at 2:00. Now I price two or three jobs in the day sometimes and I got it mixed up. But Alexa can save the day. I am saying that I can actually talk to Alexa and have her make my daily schedule. You just say Alexa add to calendar: meeting at 2:00 p.m. for a construction job. So now, I wouldn’t have wakened this lady up at 10 o’clock in the morning.Navigate your way to places.
  • With having the Echo in the car making your car a smart car, you can do a lot of things. Like for example, when you commute to work you can say:
    “Alexa, what is my commute to work?”
    “The fastest route takes about 43 minutes via Hwy 404 and Don Valley Parkway south.”
    Be updated with the news.
  • You don’t have to read the news if you can listen to it instead. It’s a convenient way to be updated with what’s happening in the world. You can listen to the news while you’re stuck in traffic.
    “Alexa, what’s my news update?”
    “Here’s your flash briefing. In CNN news. Hi, I’m Terry Genova with your afternoon CNN news update…”
    Stream music and be in charge of your music.
  • This makes your car a smart car by rocket mortgage. While you’re driving you can talk to it like a passenger. I’m going to think that having a passenger beside you. While you’re stuck in traffic you’re driving for like say an hour every day, you know you can have Alexa like a good companion for you. She can have all kinds of songs you want to be played. You just request it while you’re driving. So you can say like hey Alexa play me some music and she’ll play you like whatever is on your playlist or you can actually pick your own songs if you don’t like the song she recommends.
    “Alexa play some hard rock heavy metal”if you’re into that type of music.
    “Here’s a station for hard rock heavy metal music.”
    So if you didn’t like the type of music while you’re driving.
    I like every form and unit every. It definitely makes the drive to work a lot easier. Well what is good too is that you know your hands-free you don’t have to take your hands off and you’re just on the radio or anything like that.
    “Alexa next song.”
    Hands-free Calling will make it more convenient to answer calls and look for a song.

If your driving is hands-free you’re not going to get pulled over by the police because you got your hand on your phone or when you’re on the radio and you’re fiddling around trying to find a song. You just ask Alexa to play the song for you. You know what I like it’s like having a passenger who’s not there. Mind you, I mean like you’re just like talking to someone but she also plays the music. Many girls can play music while she’s driving. Another good thing about having your smart car is that you can have your garage door open and close just by using Echo. When you’re pulling into your driveway, you can say Alexa ask the garage to open the door. You can’t see but the garage door is opening and you can just pull right into it. All right, I have made it to our destination.

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