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Okay guys, in this text we are going to show you few simple instructions on how to check transmission fluid in a car. Even if you are a beginner driver you can solve this problem by following this easy how to do list. When the transmission in your car starts acting up the usual reaction is panicking and running to the nearest mechanic. Let us reassure you, you can do it by yourself in only three steps! Don’t let mechanics steal your money just by doing a simple procedure like checking the transmission fluid. If you are asking yourself how do I check transmission fluid, this is the right article for you!


The first important step if you need to do a transmission fluid check is to find transmission fluid dipstick in your car. It can be located in two places in your car, it depends on which kind of wheel-drive your car has. If your car has the front-wheel-drive you are going to easily find the transmission fluid dipstick sticking out of the transaxle. If you are driving the automatic vehicle with rear-wheel drive search for transmission oil dipstick toward the rear of an in-line engine. Warning: if you have a car with manual transmission, it needs to be lifted above the ground so the mechanic can reach a plug in the bottom of the transmission.


If you are driving a car with automatic transmission we will now explain to you how to perform transmission fluid check-in only a few steps and you will see for yourself that it’s a breeze. You have to make sure that the gear is set on Neutral (N) or Parking (P) before taking out the dipstick. In case you are wondering do you check the transmission fluid with the car running, or not, the answer is absolute Yes! Your car engine needs to be warm when you are doing this. The important piece of information is that the liquid should be pinkish and look clear. In order to check the state of the fluid, you have to put your index finger into it on the dipstick and rub it between your finger and your thumb. Check the smell of oil, if it smells like burnt or has particles – you need to drive to the mechanic’s so he can replace the fluid. The following step is to take a clean piece of cloth to clean thoroughly the stick. Put it back and then take it out again to see if anything changed. If the liquid is clear but there isn’t enough of it, use the funnel to add more oil, of course paying attention that you don’t put too much. And that’s all there is it to it. Congrats, you have done it!


So now we hope that we answered your question: how do I check the transmission fluid. And as you’ve seen that there are only a few differences in symptoms between broken transmission and the one that’s lacking the liquid. If your wheel’s transmission starts messing with you, before getting frustrated check the levels. Certainly adding transmission fluid will save you the time and cost of going to the mechanics for such a simple thing. Just remember it’s simple and the only thing you have to be careful about is to get the appropriate transmission fluid for your vehicle.

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