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It is product review time again. The folks at ComfyWise sent me their orthopedic seat cushion. So let’s get started.

This is actually their updated version. It’s a little bit softer than the original one. They took some feedback and made it a little bit better. And so, I’m going to show you all the nice perks about it.



Not only is it nice and soft, but it also gives you a good comfy seat to sit on which helps put you in a good posture. The great thing about this is, let’s say you have a coccyx injury or back pain in general. What it does is when you sit on it, it helps put you in a neutral position, so you’re straight up-and-down. It helps keep you in that position that’s not slumping down and things like that. It also helps make them more comfortable in general.

It’s beneficial for people with back injuries.

There is a little opening that goes in the back. If you actually have an injury back there, it takes all the pressure off of it which really nice. It has that opening, so when you’re sitting down you’re not putting all of your body weight in one spot.


It’s also really nice because I can see that there are these little contours, and that goes in the front. The reason is because when you’re sitting for a long period of time, for example, if you’re working on the computer, and you’re not getting up and taking a whole lot of breaks, a lot of times the pressure underneath your legs on the chair ends up making your legs fall asleep because it is cutting off the circulation, is pressing on nerves back there. These contours right here are really nice because it helps take some of that pressure off the front as well as the pressure in the back.


Also, the outside of the cushion is super soft. If you just rub on, it’s really really nice and soft, super comfortable. If you’re wearing shorts or something, that’s nice because it’s not uncomfortable, itchy, and scratchy on the skin.

What I also like on the back is they have these little silicone spot to help with the friction, so it doesn’t slide all over the seat. And these are a little more pronounced than some of the other cushions I’ve seen so it stays in one place very nicely, so I like that as well.

You can also take the outer piece off and wash it occasionally. If it gets a little bit dirty or if you’re using it in a wheelchair or something and it gets soiled, then you can just take the outer piece off and wash it which really nice as well.


It also has a little carrying handle, so you can easily carry it with you. You don’t have to hold all around it. And then they even have a bonus; if you don’t just want to use the handles, you have a nice bag and what’s nice with the bag is you don’t have to just use it for the cushion you can use it for anything else, so that’s really really nice.


So make sure when you put it in the seat the opening goes in the back, so those little contours go in the front and you can sit right on it. And as soon as I sit on it, I sit up a little bit taller because of the way it’s designed. It pushes my hips in that neutral position, and my legs go in those contours. For something especially like sciatic pain, this really helps take some pressure off those areas to make it nice and comfortable.

Even pregnant women that are having a lot of back pain because they are pulled forward and that back gets out of that neutral position, but these cushions help keep you in that neutral position.

It’s comfy, it’s not too firm and it’s not too soft. It makes me feel like I’m sitting on something softer than just the hard chair, but it puts me in that nice upright position as well. When you’re sitting on a cushion, make sure that your feet are flat on the ground, so if you’re in the chair and then you put the cushion in and your feet are a little bit higher, make sure you adjust that because you want your knees and your hips to be at about a 90-degree angle. That also helps with the good posture as well, but what I really like about the cushion is if I try and slouch it feels weird, so it really feels more comfortable when you’re in that upright position, so I think it does a really good job of that.

And again that opening in the back takes that pressure off for just back pain in general, a herniated disc, stenosis, things like that, and then in the front, it takes the pressure off here so if you have circulation pain, nerve pain, going down into your legs it helps protect that as well, so it’s a really nice cushion.


It’s something really nice to have especially if you sit for long periods working, or if you just on your computer in general for fun, make sure you have something keeping that nice neutral position because when you’re working on stuff sometimes you forget to take breaks often, so make sure you take care of your body and keep that back in that nice neutral position, keep your booty comfortable, and it helps also to make sure that you don’t get those pressure sores.

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