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Today, we are talking about power inverters. When traveling for extended periods of time, finding electricity to power all your devices can really become an issue and that is where the Bestek 300 watt power inverter comes in.


The Bestek 300 watt inverter is enclosed in an aluminum case. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. It really feels like it’s going to withstand the test of time. I’ve had this for about two months now. And I haven’t had any issues with it yet. The other inverter that I had before this one didn’t even last a month.


First of all, this inverter has a 2-foot long cord which plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter. The cord length is great. It allows you to really hold and pull this inverter to wherever you want in the car and there’s really no issues with cable length, cable reach or anything like that.


Secondly, there’s a rocker switch on the back and that powers the inverter on. You will need to use this switch whenever you are charging anything with the 110 volt AC plug. There’s a pair of 110 volt AC outlets on the front of this as well as two 2.4 amp which I believe are USB charging ports as well. They are DC and will be on anytime this is plugged in. There’s also a light beside the outlets. It will shine green if everything’s good, and I believe it will shine red if something happens. But I have never seen it red thankfully.


The fan also comes on to help cool the inverter and makes sure it doesn’t overheat or anything like that. However, this fan is not silent, but it is still relatively quiet and you’ll see that when you go out to test it yourself.


The other thing that this inverter has that my previous one did not have is inside it has a 40 amp fuse which is nice. That means it’s going to protect your device. It’s going to protect your vehicle.

Now, the downside I have with the fuse is it has a fuse, but it is soldered on to the board inside. So to replace it most likely would not be worth the time and the effort considering this is only a $28 inverter.


Let’s go out to the truck and test. So like I said before this is a second inverter I’ve owned. I actually destroyed my last one because I plugged something into it that was just too much wattage. The other power inverter that I had did not have a fuse in it at all. No fuse so what happened is it fried the power inverter and then it blew the fuse on my truck that goes to all of my cigarette lighters in the entire truck. That was crappy. I didn’t want that to happen again, so I made sure to buy a power inverter that had a fuse. Granted it has a built-in fuse that you can’t replace. If you blow the fuse you basically have to throw the whole thing away. But it’s better than blowing the fuse on the truck and destroying the power inverter in the process.

This power inverter as soon as you plug it in is live. The vehicle does not need to be on, and as I said before the USB ports will be live immediately when you plug it in. The AC outlets, however, will only work when the inverter itself is turned on which converts the DC from your truck’s battery

or car to AC which can be utilized by household appliances or charge anything like a laptop. I’m charging a camera battery with it.

I’m going to go ahead and plug the power inverter into this cigarette lighter which is a 12-volt cigarette lighter. And then it should now be live as it should. It’s got a 2-foot long cable so I can put it all the way to the back if I want to. It’s got plenty of slack, plenty of space to move it around, and just a good long cable

Let me try it out first with the USB ports. As I said before, the truck is not on and the phone starts charging which is great. Now this means two things: first, that means one you can charge your devices off your cars or trucks battery when your truck isn’t even powered on. But what that also means is that you’re drawing power from your battery, and you need to be cautious and not drain your battery. My trucks are diesel and it’s a big truck so it has two batteries. So I’m really not worried about a little phone charging on it. I don’t do anything to it. However, if you are in a smaller car, I would suggest unplugging the inverter when you are stopped or when you’re parked or when you’re gonna be somewhere for a bit of time.

Now to actually test the power inverter the thing that takes your DC battery power and converts it to AC so you can use a normal 110-volt plug and charge any of your devices. Like I mentioned before you can charge even your AC with your vehicle off.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you especially have a smaller battery because you are going to drain your cars or trucks battery while you’re doing this. To turn the inverter on, we go ahead and flip the switch. It’s on when you can hear the low humming sound of the fan. It’s really not bad because the majority of the sound simply comes from the fan that cools off the inverter and makes sure it doesn’t ever heat nothing bad happens. When we turn the inverter on, the green light also comes on. That’s just showing that it’s working, it’s on, and everything’s good to go.

I plugged in the battery pack and it works. It’s not going to blow your fuse as you can immediately be notified if you see the red light is on. It is currently charging my battery which is awesome. It’s just what I want. It hasn’t got excellent spacing though. If you have something like a bigger plug, you have to remember the outlets are right next to each other. So you’re not going to be able to utilize the other plug if you have something large charging next to it which is one of my complaints. I wish they would have spaced out these plugs a little bit more and I wish they would have made the fuse removable. But what can you do, at the end of the day you get what you pay for and for this you only pay twenty-eight dollars.

I’m actually going to throw an Amazon link. If you want to see what the current price is, go ahead and click on it and it’ll bring you to the Amazon page and show you what the current prices. But as for me, this is twenty-eight dollars and this is still the number one bestseller on Amazon for power inverters. It’s great. It’s cheap. It’s perfect for your road trips, if you’re going to be long-term traveling, or if you just want to have outlets in your car and all you have is a cigarette lighter. Some of the newer cars, they’re putting outlets into them, but for the most part, it’s still cigarette lighters or something similar. For that matter, this is awesome for turning your car into somewhere that you can charge all of your things.


The things I like about this power inverter are that it does have two outlets to AC 110 volt outlets as well as two USB ports. I do love that I can charge my USB devices when the inverter is off. And I also like that I can use this when the vehicle is off. I love that it has a fuse, and I think that’s very important to have a fuse so that you don’t blow the fuse on your vehicle or risk messing anything up or messing your devices up. I also like that the fan that it has is very quiet. If you have music playing or anything in your car, you’re not gonna hear the fan. It’s really not a big deal at all.


However, the downsides of this specific power inverter are that the fuse is not removable. The 40 amp fuse is soldered on to the board so that means if the fuse blows it’s either really hard to replace or you will have to just buy a new one. That’s probably what I would do. I probably wouldn’t fight with the fuse and try to solder new fuse on or replace it or whatever. It probably just wouldn’t be worth it for 28 bucks.

My other problem with it is when you are playing music. If you have an auxiliary cord and you are playing music, it overlaps if your auxiliary cord comes close to this or overlaps any of the cables coming out of this. You will get a slight hum playing through your radio so you have to be aware of that. Also, if you have your phone plugged into this into the USB ports and you have an auxiliary cable also plugged into your phone playing music off of it. You also may get a slight hum. You may just have to rearrange the cables to try to fix the hum. That’s usually what I do. I can usually stop it, but it’s still somewhat annoying.


However, you can’t beat power. Having power when you’re traveling is extremely important so that makes this device something that everybody should have in their kit, in their back pocket so that they can charge all your devices while they’re on the road. We all have so many, I mean I know I have laptops, cameras, phones, and likes. It’s just crazy how many electronic devices I have, and it’s also crazy how hard it is sometimes to get electricity.

So guys if you learned something, if you enjoyed this review of this wonderful Bestek 300-watt product. I really appreciate it. I do everything from travel vlogs to gear reviews like this and all the way to RV tips and tricks so until next time guys.

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