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When autumn comes, and the thermometer mark falls below zero, car owners start to think about purchasing the best winter tires. Of course, some drivers are waiting for the first frost or even try to keep using the summer tires if the winter is expected to be warm. However, such experiments usually lead to accidents on the roads. So, the best winter tires are more than a necessity.

As the air temperature falls, it is necessary to prepare the car for the winter. It is clear that summer tires can no longer provide strong adhesion at low temperatures. Even if the road is flat and dry, using summer tires instead of the best snow tires becomes dangerous. The summer rubber protector becomes more rigid, which makes the braking distance of your car longer. That’s why it’s high time to choose the best winter tires


The best winter tires are divided into the following types:

Studded Snow Tires

Studded best snow tires are those equipped with anti-slip studs. Such studs significantly increase the passability of cars on snow or ice but worsen the riding quality on a dry road surface. The presence of studs in most brands of best winter tires is associated with an increase in their noisiness.

Velcro Tires

Friction tires are fantastic on cold weather. Such winter tires for sale are also called Velcro. Cohesion with the road surface is provided by the shape of the tread and the density of slicing. Velcro tires behave correctly well on dry asphalt and perform worse on a snow-covered road. So, your plans for winter always matter.

All-Season Tires

All-season rubber is a universal type that is used both in summer and in winter. These models do not demonstrate the highest characteristics for a particular season and can’t compete with the most top-rated winter tires.

Studless Snow Tires

Studless best winter tires are in turn subdivided into European and Scandinavian.

In European ones, the relief of the protector is not so aggressive, and it resembles the summer rain protector due to the presence of drainage grooves. They’re recommended for driving on wet snow and mud.

In Scandinavian tires, the rubber compound is softer; the protector contains a large number of lamellas and slots, which provides good cross-country ability on snow-covered or icy roads.


Keep in mind that the delay in making a decision concerning which winter tires to buy can lead to a loss of time and money. Do not wait for the first snow as it is always better to be ahead and change tires in advance. See detailed instructions on how to choose the best winter car accessories below. It will help you to save a lot of time.

Winter Driving Routes

The first things you need to determine are the place and conditions of using the car. In a small town or countryside where roads are not cleaned in winter, ice and rolled snow are not uncommon; the Scandinavian type of best winter tires will be optimal. This variant has a more aggressive tread pattern. It lacks full straight channels, the design resembles a herringbone, and large grooves on the edges are aimed at biting the wheel into deep and rolled snow, ice, and so on. These tires behave a little worse on a clean and dry cold road or in the rain but are good winter tires for ice and rolled snow.

Studded or Studless

Based on the snow tires reviews, many car enthusiasts think that studded tires are always better than studless ones, but everything is not so unambiguous. It should be understood that studded rubber behaves better on the ice road and deep snow and is not great on a dry and cold road surface. The studs on clean asphalt just increase the braking distance and worsen the handling of the auto. Velcro is more suitable for constant driving on a hard surface. Therefore, if you rarely go outside the city in winter and you enjoy clear roads and driveways, choose studless wheels. If you periodically go to the country cottage or live outside the city, then you should pay attention to the studded variant of winter truck tires.

Tread Pattern Type

The tread pattern of winter tires can be symmetrical and asymmetrical, directional and non-directional. Directional symmetrical or asymmetric best winter tires create less noise. In an asymmetrical variant, the tread pattern is divided into two parts – external and internal, which perform different tasks. The inner part has wide grooves for drainage of water, and the outer one must cling to snow and ice. Independent tests show that such good cheap winter tires are ranked first in the ratings.

Date of Manufacture

If the product was manufactured more than two years ago, it is better to refuse such a purchase. With prolonged and improper storage, the wheels lose their elasticity, which worsens their coupling properties. Usually, winter rubber runs two or three seasons. It must also be taken into consideration that for best snow tires, the critical threshold of the tread residue is four millimeters. The models with a smaller protector will not be able to provide a sufficient grip on the winter road. When buying best winter tires for crossovers, SUVs, and trucks, you also need to look at the load index on which the tire is designed. Externally, a car and a crossover wheel along the tread and misfiring may be the same, but the second one must withstand more weight. Again, the recommended load value for one wheel can be found in the vehicle’s instruction manual. Also, be attentive concerning the winter tire size.


With every novelty, Bridgestone traditionally demonstrates revolutionary innovations in the best snow tires they produce. The Bridgestone Blizzak winter tire WS80 entered the market with significantly improved grip, safety, and comfort in driving. That’s why it remains popular today. Let’s specify why these are the best winter tires 2020. So, these best winter tires feature a unique technology of hydrophilic coating. A barrier from water is formed under the protector. As a result, the quality of adhesion with the wet and snowy surface of the road increases. Special hydrophilic tread coating removes water, reducing the likelihood of sliding. The designers of these best winter tires also improved the composition of the rubber, which contributes to the stable behavior of the car in all weather conditions. Besides, the elasticity and softness do not decrease even at very severe winter temperatures. These best studless winter tires have elements that act like studs and ensure the maximum possible adhesion to the road surface, shortening the braking distance on the ice. So, if you really like your car and want to be safe on winter roads, Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires WS80 is precisely what you need. If you are looking for a cheaper variant, know that Goodyear Ultra Grip is proven to be the best budget winter tires.

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