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No matter how new and modern your car is, safety in conditions of poor visibility largely depends on such a simple thing as windshield wipers. Nothing can be more helpful in averting a disaster, in case of bad or obscured road visibility, and an endangering road accident, than this sacrosanct device. However, car glasses are susceptible to indelible marks and scratches if the wiper blades are negligently installed or not compatible with the car brand. Oftentimes, it is discovered that even best windshield wipers cannot withstand winter season, frost and that temperature changes lead to loss of rubber properties. It is clear that any driver would like to buy the best wiper blades that will do a good job for a long time. Our today’s rating and reviews will help you choose the best options among different types of designs.

In the case of a wiper, choosing the appropriate brush is very relevant, sacrosanct and of utmost exigency as this object serves the purpose of giving you a view of the road and dangers on it during bad weather. This by necessary implication means this object directly affects your safety. Therefore, today we will find out in rating which models are better, how to choose the right ones, what to look for when buying, as well as their pros and cons.


Let’s get acquainted with the basic parameters of wipers. They can be of several types: framed, frameless and hybrid. Now we’ll consider them all in detail.

1. Framed

Framed car wiper blades are the most popular. When releasing a car off an assembly line, manufacturers basically equip it with this kind of wipers, since they are inexpensive and are compatible with all cars. The design of this model presupposes the presence of a metal frame on which rubber wiper is mounted. The main advantage of such products is their versatility – they are suitable for cars with fairly flat windshields. The downside comes with an incredible fact that, when snow or water gets on wipers during winter, their metal construction freezes over, and they cease to perform functionality.

2. Frameless

Frameless wipers, unlike the previous type, do not have a metal frame – this function is performed by a flat metal spring, which is located inside the rubber case of best car wiper blades. Bend of such a tool is held by a retainer and adapts to the end of the vehicle’s windshield. Due to this design, the wiper moves smoothly and silently, evenly cleaning glass without stripes and streaks, regardless of work speed. A big advantage of frameless models is that they are all-season and are fully adapted from frostbite in winter, and the fact that they work in any weather under any condition. The only negative thing is that they are only suitable for vehicles with an almost flat windshield.

3. Hybrid

According to windshield wipers reviews, hybrid car wipers by design combine elements of a frame and frameless model—a lightweight metal frame dressed in rubber case with plastic inserts. In the basic composition of its design, they also combine functionality and adapt to shape, fit well and perfectly clean windshield. Due to this, hybrid wipers perfectly fulfill their main function – they provide good visibility to a driver and safe movement of auto in any weather.


Before you make a purchase, learn what to look at while choosing the best windshield wipers:

1. Type of Construction

All wipers are divided into framed, frameless and hybrid. Each of them has its pros and cons, so you need to determine the best option for yourself. A bit of further advice is to make a proper inquiry before selecting your silicone wiper blades so as not to fall short of its credibility. However, a very good example of an efficient silicone wiper blade includes PIAA Super Silicone.

2. Mount

Some models include special adapters for different types in a kit, but there are also those that fit only a specific amount.

3. Size

Size parameter depends on a car brand, so choose that wipers that do not touch each other while working, but also clean enough glass area.

4. Manufacturer

Brushes by famous manufacturers will last longer than cheap versions, but on the condition that it is not a fake.

5. Seasonality

There are universal options of windshield wiper replacement and those that can be purchased for a certain season. Elastic band for wipers of such models is softer and does not lose properties at low temperatures.

6. Price and Material Quality

As a rule, these are interdependent parameters. It is almost impossible to accurately determine the quality of performance when a brush is in a package. But if the price is too low, be careful about the product, it would be good to check feedback from those who have already bought such models and used them.


Replacing wiper blades is an important and, fortunately, fairly simple part of caring for your car. They must be changed at least once a year. The need for replacement can be understood by a weary rubber and its cracking. You can replace wiper blades yourself using a few simple steps.

  • Decide which part of the wiper mechanism needs to be replaced.
  • Buy a suitable model of wiper blades for your car. Remember that the left and right brushes can have different lengths.
  • Locate small latch on an underside of brush, then push down on it to release. The wiper blade should be removed from a metal hook on a lever.
  • Take a new device. If the left and right ones have different lengths, do not confuse their sides. Press the moveable latch on the new product so that it stands in a perpendicular position.
  • Attach a new wiper to lever parallel to it so that you can hold the hook of the lever through the hole in it. The hook should face the wiper itself.
  • Pull the wiper blade up until you hear a snap click. Carefully lower the brush on the windshield to its normal position.
  • Repeat the procedure with the second brush.
  • Turn on ignition and splash windshield washer fluid to check the installation.


Now you are aware of the importance of good windshield wipers. To make the right choice, you need to decide on the type of wiper blades, and then select a desirable model. After evaluating all the criteria, you can choose the best windshield wipers without any problems. Remember that most expensive models, for example, from Valeo or Bosch will last more than one year, and cheaper ones may have to be replaced within a few months. Also, if you have a standard hook mount, then you should not overpay for the wiper blades with adapters included. The best choice is always individual, and ratings only help to make a decision. But still, according to our review, best Bosch wiper blades – ICON 26A are leading today. According to the Bosch ICON review, they are made of double rubber, which is specially designed to work at high heat and low temperatures. When you look at them, you will definitely notice a unique asymmetrical design that helps distribute pressure force evenly across the glass. Each pair of Bosch wipers comes with an original quality mark that will protect you from buying a fake. Now it’s up to you to decide, which model fits better.

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Wiper blades can be made from a variety of materials, requirements for which are simple: elasticity, low friction coefficient, resistance to anti-icing reagents, solvents and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The rubber that was initially used for this is less suitable due to specified parameters – in the cold, it becomes harder, thus making it sensitive to framed brushes, quick cracks, and being prone to creak. Modern materials based on silicone allow you to create better windshield wipers that can work both in summer and in extreme cold.
When it comes to choosing the best wiper blades, there are some things you need to keep in mind. In addition to the obvious fact that you need to know about the compatibility of a car brand and choosing summer or winter brushes, you also need to make sure that a manufacturer has proved itself well enough, and that such brush model has positive reviews. According to numerous wiper blade reviews, Bosch has long established itself as a company of highest quality with an unprecedented pedigree not only to the products under review, but to any of its tools, equipment, and components. Thus, if you choose any model by this manufacturer, you can be assured of its standard.
Bosch wiper blades are produced since 1971. Products of this company are of primarily quality and reliability. They are easy to install and adapt well to glass surface bending. Anti-friction coating of these wipers significantly improves cleaning quality, reduces noise, and does an excellent job with its functions even on partially dry glass.
Find out if wipers need to be replaced by using a simple diagnostic tool. Turn them on and see if they leave a mark on the glass. The most critical options however are; leaving large water stains and plume under pressure points, which then lead to vibration and consequently make the image in view on the wiper become a blur. In such a situation, glass cleaners should be replaced as soon as possible. The Bosch product line has enjoyed great relevance and popularity among drivers who willfully attest to its exceptional quality and long service period. This best wiper blade brand offers three families of such devices to wit: frameless Aerotwin, classically framed Twin and low-cost Eco. All of them are completed with detailed illustrated instructions, which facilitate the installation of wipers as much as possible. Period of service depends on how you take care of them. For example, Aerotwin models can serve you for more than 2 years.
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