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When it comes to the safety of the trailer, it turns out that many people do not use the best trailer hitch lock to safeguard their esteemed property. Thus, this act of negligence makes their trailer susceptible to any stranger or open to any folk who beckons to easily unhook the trailer and drive away. So, why not protect and secure yourself by means of the formidable trailer lock?

Nowadays, the choice of various models of best trailer hitch lock is very wide and endless. You are free to purchase hitch devices of various shapes and sizes, in different price categories. The main thing is to pick the size of the trailer lock correctly. To do this, manufacturers offer a table of sizes, which allows you to make a right and accurate choice.

When traveling on short or long distances, one has to think about the safety and security of mobile homes to rule out a possibility of the hijacking of equipment by intruders. To do this, it is better to install anti-theft devices on them. Such tools are made in the form of a lock on hitch assembly and securely fix coupling mechanism with a tow bar.

Best trailer locks on the market possess the following features:

  • impact-resistant housing made of durable metal to eliminate mechanical damage on a structure;
  • the anti-burglar system prevents the device from being opened with a special tool;
  • locking bracket secures device after docking with tow bar;
  • a galvanized surface of all parts protects mechanism and housing from moisture.

So, manufacturers offer anti-theft blocks for standard coupling devices. A lock is securely fixed to drawbar with special fasteners. All anti-theft kits include a set of several keys to be able to open it in case of key loss.


Let’s define what the most popular types of trailer locking devices are today. Keep in mind that all of them can be used on this or that situation, so it’s up to you to decide which model suits you better.

#Trailer Hitch Lock

When choosing additional security trailer devices, you should take into account several situations. For example, if you are going to leave a mobile home without your supervision, then it is best to give preference to the best trailer hitch lock. This device comes with a ball that fits into a connector and a heavy-duty steel U-shaped bolt that holds it in place over the clutch.

#Hitch Lock Lever

Lock of the best trailer hitch lock lever also serves as an interesting solution in any situation – if you left your mobile home unattended in any place like a technical station or hitched to a vehicle. Each hitch has a lever that closes above trailer hitch ball, which is designed so that hinge does not fly out of the clutch. While closing lever, you need to insert a pin to fasten this lever. A connector is inserted instead of a pin, moving in one direction and transmitting to another one. Then you insert a locking end on an opposite side, tighten and remove your key.

#Receiver Lock

Trailers are mainly held on a towing vehicle by means of pin and spring stud. So, it is recommended to replace your standard hitch lock receiver that is used in preventing cargo hijacking. This best trailer hitch lock works in pair with a clutch lever lock and closes using one key for both. In addition, it is possible to find the best trailer wheel lock that will also protect your trailer from being hijacked.


#Is It Easy to Steal a Trailer?

The determination of how easy it could be to steal a mobile home depends on you and on safety measures you managed to undertake. Of course, if you don’t have a trailer hitch lock and leave your vehicle somewhere on a driveway without supervision, it can be easily stolen. Criminals can easily disconnect cargo and attach it to their car when you are busy. This won’t take them less than a couple of minutes especially if we are talking about professionals. So, it is very important to choose absolutely the best trailer hitch lock to prevent yourself from such situations. Today you will learn how to do this right.

1. Build Quality

It is not a secret that every criminal will try to steal your trailer in the easiest way – with the use of force or with a hammer. Thus, a poor-quality trailer lock for sale will quickly fall off and will not be able to protect your property. Therefore, the quality of construction should be of utmost exigency. That is, it is recommended to choose the best trailer hitch lock from hardened steel since it is steel that serves as a shockproof. The aluminum variant will not work, because it may not withstand the force of strikes.

2. Key Combinations

Do not underestimate today’s thieves. Most of them are very experienced and resourceful. Even if you have installed the best combination lock, criminals will be able to open it with the help of their universal keys and master keys. Based on trailer lock reviews, this means that it is better to buy models from those manufacturers that guarantee a huge number of possible combinations. This will greatly complicate the task for thieves. Do not forget that as soon as you specify the desired combination, you need to write it down, because no one is immune from losing keys.

#Disadvantages of Low-Quality Locks

It is clear that when you buy a cheap model of best trailer hitch lock, you can’t be 100% sure of its quality and security. As a revealed base on practical experiences, cheap models are very easy to open and unbar, because they have a low degree of protection. It is worth only a couple of times to hit it with a hammer, and that’s it – a path to the mobile home is open. But you don’t need this, right? Therefore, choose only high-quality devices that are effective in any possible situation. All locks that are in our rating deserve your attention because they are strong and offer high quality. After all, according to statistics, a thief is looking for a vehicle, which he easily hijacks without any difficulties and additional investments. Consider this fact when choosing a decent model.

1.Hitch Size

Size of the hitch is also very important because dimensions of trailer hitch lock are no longer universal. Therefore, before you pay for a selected model, make sure that your choice is correct. The most popular sizes today are 2 or 2 5/16 inches.


Well, what should be relevantly considered in the design? The best trailer hitch lock should be securely fixed and not require regular adjustments from your side. Note that the tool should not interfere with coupling because this could lead to an accident.


When you are choosing the best trailer hitch lock, you need to be 100% sure of its security, because it saves you from spending avoidable expenses or extra money. Based on our detailed research, we can state for sure that the Master Lock receiver lock is the best trailer lock 2020 without any doubts. It is incredibly efficient and great when applied to vehicles, RVs and trailers hitch lock. Thanks to a push-to-lock mechanism that makes this model user-friendly and easy to use. In addition, this hitch lock is very durable and offers a high level of protection against bad weather conditions, rust, and dirt that may get into the core. Another important fact worthy of note is that this trailer lock is sold together with two keys. This, in essence, means you can easily unlock your mobile home even if you can’t find the first key. So, if you are looking for the best trailer hitch lock that is safe, secure and durable, this model will be the right choice.

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If you are planning a long trip with a trailer, you need to be sure that it will be fantastic, but will it be so if your cargo is hijacked? It is recommended to think about cargo safety and security in advance to avoid such situations. So, the best solution will be to install the best trailer hitch lock. This device was invented to stop criminals that tend to steal your cargo. If you choose a model with the highest level of anti-theft protection, you can be sure that your journey will be great.
Hitch locks are easy to install even for non-professionals. For this, you need to insert a key to remove the top bar. After that, you have to open a clutch, put a ball inside and close it back. Then, just put the top pin on its previous place and secure bar where it is. That is it! After these simple manipulations, your trailer will be well-protected.
Today's market is full of interesting models to choose from. According to trailer hitch lock reviews, the best model is the one that provides the highest level of security. That is, it should be developed of top-quality steel, should have the right size and should support long hard-to-remember combinations. All the models in our rating deserve to be called the best trailer hitch lock.
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