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While some people only wash their car once a month or when it really gets dirty, there's also a particular category out there. Some people consider cleaning their car a religion, and using the best tire shine is a must. Out of the second category, very few individuals also take good care of their tires. After applying all kinds of soaps and shine on the car's body or interior, the tires are usually forgotten. There is no need to point out why that's a mistake since squeaky clean tires have immense potential and can totally change the way your car looks. Yes, the best tire shine will help you make them look even better.

If you’re that kind of person that loves to have shiny, clean tires, then you already know how many different products are available on the market. On the other hand, if you’re just starting to look into tire shine as a beauty treatment for your car, check out the best tire shine products available on the market right now.


Before embarking on painting tires using a rubber band made with your own hands, you should find the option that is most suitable for your car. This choice does not affect any functions, except for external ones, and depends only on the preferences of the buyer. Today it is possible to allocate 2 leaders among the best tire shine:

Shining Tire Dressing

Typically, this lubricant is with the addition of a fair amount of silicone. As noted in the name of the group, similar tools, after their application, allow the wheels to get a fresher look and a mirror shine. With a long enough period of action, such wheel dressings are not good because when a small amount of dirt gets into tires, they lose their original appearance.

Matte Tire Dressing

This type of the best tire shine has long been used for painting cars, but now it is available for tires. Thanks to such tools, the wheels acquire a deeper and more intense dark color and look attractive. A serious shortcoming of this method is considered to be its short service. The ink is quickly activated with water and absorbed into the rubber. In fact, the appearance of the wheels becomes even worse than before the first painting. The composition of 90% of all such tools includes silicone. This component saturates the color and imparts water-repellent properties. Also, the rubber ink can be on a water base. Such car care products do not have such a long-lasting effect as silicone, but at the same time, their price is lower. They are previously diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 2-3. Primarily, it’s worth highlighting the premium segment of this type of auto cosmetics. The expensive tool for car tires has a complex formula (many components in the composition), and as a consequence, the effect of a new shiny tire lasts several months. A top-rated tire shine will fit even the most demanding car owners and children’s car care studios. A prerequisite for a better and lasting effect of polishing is the thorough preliminary cleaning of the tires from all contaminants. As a rule, brushes with stiff nylon bristles are used for this purpose.


It would seem that the most natural reason for applying the best tire shine on the wheels is to improve the appearance of the car in general. Indeed, using such tools, you can disguise the real age of the tires, or hide the effects of prolonged use. The successful use of the best car tire shine significantly improves the appearance of the vehicle, making it more respectable and pleasing to look at. Aside from such natural reasons that lie on the surface, there is another, essential function in such manipulation, namely, the protective role. After their application, some types of wheel dressings create a thin layer or so-called film on the cover, which becomes a barrier against external factors. Plus, the softening properties of the best tire shine have also been proved. Thereby, such an elastic rubber will be able to maintain its integrity longer. After you decided to improve the appearance of your vehicle and to protect your tires with exclusive shining means, you need to determine what type of available tools to purchase. For example, you may choose between spray, gel, or foam.

Spray Tire Dressing

The tire shine spray can be used to blacken not only wheels but also other rubber products on the body and bumpers of the car. The surface to be treated must be clean and dry. The tool won’t be useful on a wet surface. The application of this tire shine is straightforward. It is usually sold in a flat bottle with a built-in sprayer. It is enough to spray the product on the wheel at a distance of 10-15 cm and allow it to dry. When using the best tire shine spray, it is advisable to have a dry microfiber cloth at hand. With it, you can remove the product from the body and wheel covers, as well as from the headlights and brake discs. Apply the product on the side of the tire so that it does not fall on the tread. This can worsen the adhesion to the road.

Foam Tire Dressing

The way you need to apply the foam cleaner on the wheels does not differ from other means. The aerosol of the foam cleaner can be easily applied to the tire. It is sufficient to apply this tire shine directly to the side circumference of the tire. The advantage of such tools is that they can be applied to a wet wheel. Immediately after washing, it is possible to process the wheels without waiting for them to dry completely. The only disadvantage of some foam wheel dressings is that they need to be applied to the wheels at warm temperatures. Before applying, shake the contents of the balloon thoroughly, and apply circular motions to the side of the tire. It is also desirable to avoid getting foam on the tread, on the brake and wheel disks. In case of contact, wipe it with a microfiber. After applying foam, you need to wait for complete drying. To achieve a better effect, you need to wait 3-5 minutes until the product is absorbed into the rubber, and then rub the surface with a soft cloth or sponge.

Benefits of the Tire Shine

If you have a car, you need to take care of the tires in advance and think as for the purchase of the best tire shine. This way boasts numerous advantages. With its help, it is possible to make the appearance of the wheels visually more presentable. Moreover, it serves as reliable protection against many external factors. Usually, this tool is used before the inspection of the machine by buyers or in their own interests. In this way, the vehicle looks newer. It will not be superfluous to note that the wheel dressings affect not only the appearance of the wheels but also their durability. Everything is justified by the fact that these tools consist of conditioning and active components. They can offer excellent protection for rubber from the negative impact of environmental factors. For example, the rubber treated with such black ink won’t be affected by sun rays, dirt, and road reagents.


Whichever tire shine you use, industrial or homemade, there are general rules that must be met. It is imperative to wash and dry wheels thoroughly, otherwise the wheel dressing won’t stick to the surface, and all work will go wrong. Even if the wheels are well washed, it does not hurt to clean the hard-to-reach places again with a brush. When applying the best car tire shine on the surface, you need to follow some basic rules:

  • before using the product, shake the container several times, so that the composition is mixed;
  • spray the aerosol by holding the bottle at a distance of 0.1-0.2 m from the workpiece;
  • wipe the surface with rags during operation; the tire shine should be evenly distributed, smudges should be avoided;
  • do not allow the spray to get onto the brake system parts, since the silicone has a lubricating property and can reduce the braking efficiency, also do not spray the product on the body parts;
  • allow the chemical to dry thoroughly, and only after that, it will be possible to use the car.

If, however, the silicone fluid has reached the body parts, it must be washed off with water. The spray is not recommended for the treatment of the pedals, and not every tool can be used to blacken the rubber mats. For each brand of the best tire shine list, its own instructions are attached, which should be followed when carrying out the work. In case that the required effect is not achieved, the procedure will have to be repeated.


Below are the basic rules for choosing the best tire shine:

  • it must have a high degree of protection against water wash-off;
  • does not contribute to corrosion of metal parts due to lack of water in its composition;
  • it should quickly restore and update not only rubber but some leather items as well;
  • it shouldn’t have a destructive effect concerning plastic parts;
  • should be easy to apply.

Now you know that washing your car and giving it a new look is more than just about the bodywork. Take good care of your tires with the best tire shine products, and you will drive one fresh-looking car.


After checking all the reviews and the buying considerations, you’re well aware of all the best tire shine products available on the market right now. Just like with every other domain, knowledge is power, and you now have the power of choosing the best tire shine to make your car look gorgeous after taking it to the carwash. Being able to identify the best tire shine for perfect results gives you the possibility of also consulting your friends or family on the matter, and that’s a great thing to have as well. If you’re not sure what to recommend for, you can always trust the shine and covering power of the Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Shine. It provides excellent results with older tires that already started to have a brown tint, and the gloss you apply with it lasts for a long time. It definitely improves the overall look of your car.

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Based on numerous customer reviews and ratings, Meguiar's G-7516 is the best tire shine available on the market today. It comes in the form of a tire shine gel, which is aimed at efficient cleaning of the tire's side surface from dirt, road surface, and traces of technical fluids. The gel returns the deep wet shine to the treated surface, and this effect persists for weeks. The use of this tire shine protects wheels from premature aging and cracking. It is an excellent high-quality tool for tire care. The form of a concentrated gel significantly saves you time and money. Time is saved because the treatment of the wheels occurs without splashes and foam, which then must be removed. It happens without spending much money because the gel is extremely economical, and you will achieve the longest lasting tire shine effect. Meguiar's G-7516 perfectly cleans wheels and protects them from premature aging in the future. This tool has a fantastic impact without any doubts, and owners report that tires look like new ones!

All the tire dressings’ cleaners consist of two components:

  • The cleaner itself, which refreshes the tire and returns its natural black color.
  • The polish.

The quality of the tire shine depends on how these two components are mixed. So, what type of tire shine is better? Experts recommend using one where there is cleaner and less polish in the composition. It should contain a slight luster, but it should be a little, the tire should look black.

There are means in which the polish prevails. Because of this, the wheels are greasy, shiny, and have a higher reflectivity. Accordingly, it is impossible to achieve an ideally black shade by such means, because they reflect the light so much that they appear brown rather than black. But they offer an excellent wet effect. Besides, the wheels, treated with a cleaner containing a lot of polish, catch dust very quickly. Foamy tire dressing includes a minimum of polish, cleans profoundly, so the rubber remains black for a long time and almost does not attract dust.

Sometimes, to save, you need to spend a little. If you are not happy with the result of car washes over and over again, you will need to act. The car might seem clean, but the wheels are not clean enough, they are no longer black and do not shine. Also, your car's wheels may have a particular rusty hue, which, it seems, is not possible to eliminate. In fact, everything is possible with the best tire shine gel. The tool for tires based on a gel is good because it is possible to work with the tire locally, that is, apply to a specific area and rub it where necessary. Not a drop of money will not pass by and do not get to where you would not like, for example, the car body.
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