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The best spark plugs are essential structural elements of the ignition system. They are intended for the direct ignition of the fuel-air mixture in a gasoline internal combustion engine. The ignition of the mixture occurs when a spark passes between the electrodes of the spark plug. We recommend NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs.


Depending on the metals, used in the production of electrodes, spark plugs are divided into:

The Best Copper Spark Plugs (or Chrome-Nickel)

These are the standard products, reasonably inexpensive to produce. They work to 25 000-30 000 km. Choosing such a plug, you need to buy a reputable quality product and not overpay.

Platinum Spark Plugs

This is an advanced and improved technology. The use of precious materials in the manufacture of the electrode gives a longer service life to the option. If such a spark plug has all the required parameters, you will drive at least 50 thousand km with it. Besides, “precious” plugs are less prone to the formation of soot, allowing the engine to work better.

Iridium Spark Plugs

The application of iridium in the manufacture of the best iridium spark plugs improves the characteristics of the product at times. Ideal, uninterrupted spark formation allows the engine to work without failures. The resource of such good spark plugs is about 100 000 km.


When you decide to buy spark plugs, you have to pay attention to the two main criteria

The size

The size of the spark plugs for sale that is too small may not screw into the socket of the engine. Hence, its electrodes will be too far from the combustion chamber. If the length of the best performance spark plugs is more than the recommended, then the electrodes will “stick out” from the socket too much, which may entail a piston strike on them. In both cases, something isn’t right. That is why you need to choose the exact size that corresponds to the engine.

Heat Index

It shows the temperature of the recommended spark plugs. It is the time sign after which the spark plug begins to give glow ignition. If the heat rating is higher, the performance spark plugs are “colder,” which means they can work in more aggressive, high-temperature conditions. A low heat rating means that a “hot” top-rated spark plugs will quickly overheat, which adversely affects their service life. To choose the right option, you need to find a list of interchangeable analogs in the instructions for your car.

Naturally, for a forced and high-speed “hot” engine, you will need the best cold spark plugs with better heat output, which is with a sizeable calorific value, and for cooler motors, with a smaller one. The shorter the length of the thermal cone of the insulator, the better the heat removal from the product. Also, the higher its heat index will be.

User Reviews

Before buying best performance spark plugs, be sure to read the spark plugs reviews about the product. This will help you choose the best spark plugs on the market and avoid difficulties in the future.


The best spark plugs are some special devices for igniting the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of different types of engines. The mixture is ignited using the electric discharge that occurs between the electrodes of the best spark plugs. If you want to buy the best spark plugs, pay attention to the size and a heat index of each model. You also have to remember that the chosen option must be suitable for the size of your engine. Besides, you need to check with all the requirements of the car manufacturer. If you pick the wrong product, it will work in the wrong way. And it does not depend on the brand.

The best spark plugs on the list are NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs LFR6AIX. These products have high efficiency and are made of quality materials that provide the perfect work of the engine.

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The answer to this question is straightforward. Metals such as iridium and platinum are more expensive, but they work better. If you are planning to spend a small budget on the best spark plugs, then the best solution would be to buy copper spark plugs. If you have to choose between iridium and platinum, then it is better to select iridium. Again, it all depends on
Yes, the best spark plugs can affect engine speed, since good spark plugs are faster and able to ignite fuels better. This increases in engine power.
It is hard to make a spark plug comparison between Denso and NGK, as there are many different opinions. Both companies have the status of the best spark plug brand. Both brands are market leaders. The products of these brands are used to manufacture cars all around the world. Each company uses specific technologies for the production of their best spark plugs; therefore, the products of both brands have the highest quality. You can give preference to any of them. It is worth noting that you must install spark plugs that are suitable for the requirements of your car. If you choose them incorrectly, the brand name will be unimportant since they will not work as they should.
Yes, these plugs affect the operation of the engine and provide several advantages such as increased engine power, reduction of fuel consumption, reduction of toxicity of the exhaust, and a soft start of the engine even in severely cold conditions. Besides, the refractoriness of iridium significantly increases the ability of the plug.
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