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Are you looking for the best car stereo available on the market? In this article, some of the best single din head units will be reviewed. As a result, we've prepared our TOP 8 of best single din head units with their respective pros and cons. But before that, there are specific questions to be answered.


For the sake of clarity, din means the size of something, this being the reason why you have single and double din car stereos. A double din car stereo is twice the size of a single din car stereo with a screen display. The single din is known to be the traditional type of car radio available but in a modern package. Several brands produce single din radios that present handy features and outstanding designs. They are always straightforward to install, and some of them are detachable, thus standing against thieves. So, even though there are different types, they follow the same lines of the design. Some of them even have USB connection ports and Bluetooth connectivity, to charge, connect the phone, pick calls, or stream audios. Some also have an SD card slot as storage to play music and feature Fast-forward or Playbacks settings. They have a basic level of functionality and different price ranges, depending on the features present. For instance, from the car stereo reviews above, Pioneer DEH-150 is the cheapest, simplest, and the most basic of those listed. In other words, whatever it does, different models will surely do, but perhaps not as well. Nevertheless, it is the most basic type and is very affordable. So, it is up to you to decide what you need.


You need to consider certain things before you go out there, trying to buy the best car head unit. The best head unit is chosen based on:

Power Ratings

The performance of the best single din head unit depends on the power ratings. The power rating is a value that describes how efficient and useful the car stereo will be. On display, max power is the maximum amount of power that the stereo can produce within a short range of time. Also, there is an RMS Power Output, which is a continuous type of power output.


Expandability or Flexibility is how versatile your car stereo is. It must be able to perform various functions, and all at once, i.e., it has to be multi-functional. They should provide external sources, aside from many inbuilt features. Quite a majority of them have audio or video inputs and outputs with several other outlets.


The most important thing people consider when buying a single din head unit is the design. This is very important, as it attracts customers and is necessary for the interior of your car

Playback Features

The Playback Features are also essential, and the best types of single din head have them. Therefore, you can playback audios, videos, MP3, and HD Radio smoothly. It also has some other essential playback features like Bluetooth, CDs, USB Port, XM Radio, and HD Radio.


The controls are buttons that allow you to do several things. These buttons should be well-placed in strategic locations so that you can perform tasks with ease. You can make phone calls, play songs, and even listen to the radio, while still driving comfortably.

Smartphone Integration

While some types of the best single din head units do not have this feature, few others do, and this allows you to connect your phone easily. You can make wireless phone calls using this inbuilt feature, as well as listen to music while remaining alert and focused on the road.


The price of a single din is essential, as buying one certainly has something to do with your budget. If you are on a tight budget, it will be reasonable to go for a quality one that fits it perfectly. Anything above your budget will not be a viable option for you. This is the reason why we took the time to review a wide variety of car stereos at different prices.

GPS Navigation

This is an outstanding feature, as most of the cars, especially the older ones, don’t have them pre-installed. Therefore, getting a car stereo that has a GPS Navigation makes it more exciting and convenient. It has accurate maps, provides useful traffic data, and grants you indications towards the location you are looking for.


There are about 100-200 brands that produce single din head units, and it might be hard to choose the best for your car. These single din heads that have been listed and reviewed above are the best you can find, due to their unique peculiarities. There has been maximum consideration towards the factors listed above before any model was even considered eligible for the title of “the best single din car stereo.” Before buying any of the best car stereos listed above, please consider the following for the ideal product:

  • Consider buying something easy to use.

Then ask yourself:

  • Do you want one you can detach and carry around?
  • Are you running on a low budget?
  • Do you need a car stereo with a Sound retriever, that can recover lost files due to compression?
  • Do you want something with playback settings and fantastic sound quality?
  • Do you need one with a cable and a sound equalizer?

Overall, the best din head unit 2020 is Pioneer DEH-150MP, as it is the most basic type and the cheapest, as well. Pioneer DEH is one that can fit perfectly into any vehicle and has a good power rating. Regardless of the car you use, you will definitely find this type very useful. The benefits of owning Pioneer DEH-150MP as a car stereo include:

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • It fits perfectly into any car.
  • Sound quality is top notch.
  • High power ratings and performance.
  • Very affordable.

However, everything falls down to your personal decision; other models from the best single din head lists might be just as good for you. You may want to go for something fancy, different than Pioneer DEH. In this case, the best idea would be a single din touchscreen head unit or a single radio. Whatever your preference is, make sure it falls into one of the best single din head units listed above!

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To get a high sound quality from your car stereo, you need a functional single din head unit. There are always advancements in technology, and to keep up with them, purchasing the newest type is the only solution. Some cars are still in the era of using old CDs or cassettes to play music. This could change with single din head units.
The best car radios are made by those who take into consideration the essential factors. Some of these factors include design, power, display type, quality of sound and material, price, etc. Pioneer and Sony are known to be the best car radio makers in the world.
The best car stereo brands have the reputation of making the best type of car radios for many years now and have always improved in features and quality. They have reasonable power control and high ratings on Amazon. Some of these top-rated brands include Boss Audio, Pioneer, Sony, and Alpine; therefore, you’ve got a lot to choose from.
There are double DIN head units and single DIN head units. A double DIN unit is the upgrade of a single DIN one. However, factors such as power, control, connectivity, and display are often considered when choosing the best type.
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