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Polk Audio db1040

Recently, more and more car enthusiasts want to buy the best shallow mount subwoofer for the car. This desire to be the owner of the great subwoofer is especially strong for those drivers who have already installed a high-quality car stereo and good acoustics. Even those, who made the sound insulation of their vehicle, may be not happy with the quality of sound, so they are searching for a good shallow mount subwoofer to improve the situation.

Due to the fact that the signals that transmit sound in the frequency range of 20-100 Hz cannot affect the achievement of the stereo effect of acoustic sound. Based on the reviews, in the systems produced today, it is allocated to one channel for playback using a single low-frequency speaker, which is the best shallow mount subwoofer. Fans of deep sound call this component of the onboard system its heart since without high-quality subwoofer it is impossible to feel the full intensity of the sound of music transmitted to the car.

So, the speakers with a subwoofer are a frequent choice among consumers of different levels and wealth. The user-accustomed system accommodates two speakers and one subwoofer. The latter is, in fact, the same speaker by design, but has the lowest frequency of sound reproduction. These two details complement each other, creating a special concept and concentration of sound. It should be realized that not all such functionality will be useful. People who are not particularly fastidious in their requests can get along with the usual set of stereo systems and will not feel discomfort. Prefer such complicated design consumers are well versed in the sound characteristics of the speakers.

To sum it up, powerful bass without a good shallow subwoofer can’t be obtained, so before you run into the car audio store, you should learn how to choose best shallow mount subwoofer we will help you to do this.


To know exactly how to choose a subwoofer, you first need to figure out what types of shallow mount subwoofer for sale are available nowadays.

Passive Subwoofer

A passive subwoofer is almost one big speaker, which is sometimes enclosed in a wooden case for the best sound. It has no additional devices, only the speaker and that’s it. Subwoofers of this type can’t be connected directly to the speaker system of the car; it just burns out. For a passive system, you definitely need a separate amplifier, which receives a signal from the car’s audio system and then gives this signal to a passive subwoofer. In simple words – do not even think about connecting a powerful passive subwoofer directly to your audio system, it will almost instantly burn. However, there are exceptions to the rules; there are car stereos that already have a built-in amplifier, you can already attach a low-frequency passive speaker to them.

Active Subwoofer

In contrast to the passive, the active system already has a built-in signal amplifier, and it no longer needs an additional amplifier. You connect it to your car stereo or audio system, and all the low frequencies are provided to you. No need to fiddle with the choice of amplifiers, connect them properly, etc., everything is already in the same package. The downside of active subwoofers is the high price.

Jl Audio 10tw3

In addition, subwoofer enclosures come in 3 types: Closed Box, Vented Box, and Band Pass. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Which subwoofer to choose, it is up to you to decide. You should be aware of the size and power needed as well because the presence of a low-frequency system in the car is necessary unless you want to listen to music with high quality!

The subwoofers are different in size, so it is possible to choose between 8”, 10”, 12” or 15” models.

There is another problem – at high speed, you can hear the noise of rubber that silences all the music, especially the low-frequency component. In this case, you can only hear the squeak of the speakers, but if you put a subwoofer in the car, everything falls into place, and everything is heard well.


How to choose the right subwoofer so that it blends seamlessly into the interior of the car and gives a high-quality sound – it’s enough to keep in mind the following criteria:


Power characteristics of the subwoofer must correspond to the output power of the low-frequency amplifier, and its power must be equal to the sum of all the powers of the output channels. For example, if you have 4 channels of 100 watts each, the subwoofer must be set to 400 watts. In addition, note that the selection of power should be carried out on a similar parameter: nominal or peak power.


The equivalent volume of the shallow subwoofer is calculated from the power of the speakers. But the cabin space has a limitation, which means that even before purchasing the speakers, it is necessary to calculate the maximum dimensions of the speakers and the subwoofer box, as well as its location. If you do not take into account this parameter, it may be an urgent question about the correct location of the subwoofer in the car, while reducing the size of its body is undesirable because of the deterioration of the frequency response.

Type of Subwoofer

The type of subwoofer is selected according to the desired sound quality and parameters of the head unit. If the head unit is able to give out enough power for the buildup, you can use a passive speaker system, and in case of insufficient power, you will need an active subwoofer or an additional power amplifier. To create a low-quality baseman, it’s enough to install powerful low-frequency speakers on the back panel of the glass, and you want to get high-quality deep low bass, then you cannot do without a bass reflex or a loudspeaker.

Shallow Mount Subwoofer


The usual size of the car speaker is about 10 or 12 inches. The size of subwoofers may vary from 8 to 15 inches. Keep in mind that even small-sized models can produce high-quality sound. But models that are large in size offer a wider frequency, so the volume is louder.


The sensitivity of the subwoofer is responsible for the sound pressure that this speaker reproduces. The higher is the pressure, the better is the effect. For example, even when speakers have the same wattage, but their sensitivity is different, more volume you will get from a model, which have a higher sensitivity.


The resonant frequencies of the shallow subwoofer are the resonant frequencies of the speaker. A valid value of about 25-35 Hz, below 20 Hz is rare, and above 35 Hz is considered too high for a subwoofer, which is not good. The quality factor of a car subwoofer is not the quality of the equipment, but the ratio of viscous and elastic forces present in the moving speaker system near the resonance frequencies.


Now when you know all the pros and cons of the best products from the reviews, it’s time to speak a bit more about the top pick in this category. Based on the results of our research, the best shallow mount subwoofer in 2020 is the 13TW5V2-2 model by JL Audio. This model is characterized by the excellent quality of sound and top-notch wattage. So, if you are fond of top-quality sounding in your car, it’s high time to consider this device. Of course, it is not as cheap as other products in our review but still it is very popular. RMS wattage is of 600 Watts is even more than in the average good subwoofer. Real car enthusiasts will be able to feel and to hear all the benefits of this best shallow mount subwoofer at once.

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In fact, a subwoofer is a sound emitter of low-frequency sound waves. Low frequencies go exactly from a subwoofer. In simple words, this big speaker is basically needed for bass. In the passing cars, we hear exactly the bass. As the sound professionals say, you cannot combine good sound in one dynamic. Therefore, professional speakers are divided into high-frequency speakers, mid-range speakers, and low-frequency speakers with powerful and saturated bass. Subwoofers are available in various sizes and designs. So, if your audio system in the car is not able to play deep sound, there is a necessity to purchase the best shallow mount subwoofer without any doubts.

The performance of the subwoofer can be affected by numerous factors including the material of the construction, the frequency of the response, type of the device and its sensitivity. In case if you are fond of deep low-frequency sound, it would be better to choose a device in a sealed box as it offers the lowest frequency of sound. As the practice says, the quality of the bass also depends on the size of the product and best frequency range possible. Bear in mind, the larger the subs, the better the bass.

In reality, a woofer is a part of a subwoofer. In simple words, the best shallow mount subwoofer is equipped with several woofers. They are mounted into one box and able to increase the SPL greatly, so producing the highest quality of the sound and excellent bass.

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