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Dozens of modern manufacturers of spare parts and components have established the manufacture of serpentine belts. It is possible to find the best one for your car in any store, but such a great choice of manufacturers will easily confuse customers. Today you will learn the basic characteristics of the best serpentine belt and how to choose it right.

It’s not a secret that the serpentine belt is one of the most modern means for the implementation of energy transfer from the drive to the driven shaft. The transfer of energy occurs as a result of the friction of the contact of the working surface of the belt with wedge-shaped teeth. At the same time, the best serpentine belt is the result of long and consistent work on the development of drive components. The straps combine the characteristics of strong elasticity and optimum power transfer between nodes.

If you really need to purchase such a device of the top quality, consider our serpentine belt reviews that might be really helpful.


V-ribbed models belong to the drive elements of a relatively new generation. They found the greatest application in the drive units of cars. In essence, they are a combination of a flat and V-belt and possess the advantages of both. Today serpentine models are manufactured in two types, slightly differing in pitch and profile parameters. The pitch and profile parameters of one type of product coincide with the requirements of international standards, and the pitch of another type is different. Due to the mismatch of the pitch of the products, these types are not interchangeable.

1. Multi-Drive Serpentine Belts

Multi-drive models are a series of V-belts of normal or narrow section, fastened in the process of vulcanization on the upper base of a common rubber-fabric plate. Multi-drive products are designed to replace the V-belt group drive and are used in the transmission of agricultural machinery and industrial equipment. Their main advantages are the absence of the need to select individual models for group drive lengths, the absence of slippage and, as a result, an increase in the transmitted power and durability. The disadvantages of these devices include increased demands on the quality and wear of the pulleys and tolerances in the manufacture of transmission elements

2. Synchronous Serpentine Belts

Serpentine belts of this type are increasingly used in engineering. Synchronous model types are elements of gears with a fixed gear ratio, which are designed to replace gear gearboxes and chain drives. When synchronous models are used, the torque is transmitted as a result of the teeth of the belt hooking with the pulley teeth, which ensures the compactness of the drive, prevents slippage and eliminates a lot of tension, which reduces the load on the shafts and increases the transmission efficiency. The disadvantages of gears using synchronous models should include additional power consumption for the deformation of the teeth and more complex design of the pulleys.


The choice of the best serpentine belt is similar to the choice of auto parts in general, but with the exception of one small nuance. Before you buy, be sure to pay attention to the aspects below.

1. Material

Some time ago manufacturers used neoprene for the production of serpentine belts, but the times changed and today EPDM is considered to be the best material. Unlike the belts made from neoprene, EPDM ones are more stable to cracks.

2. Size

While choosing the best serpentine belt for your car, make sure you choose the correct size of it. You need to measure your previous variant and choose the one that is at least one size smaller. The choice should be like this because the previously installed belt has stretched after the period you used it.

3. Price

As usual, the price is the main and obvious indicator to determine fakes. To identify the original belt, you should study offers from several distributors – a sharp difference in price towards cheaper prices directly indicates an attempt to sell a fake product.

4. Brand

The second important parameter is brand, which, however, can not guarantee the originality of the product to 100%. The skill of the current falsifiers has gone far ahead, but the purchase of products of a well-known brand in most cases allows to avoid problems with the further exploitation of the best serpentine belt. In order to protect products from fraud, many companies use quality certification and place a special hologram on the box or on the product itself. Make sure that this mark is in place and ask for a certificate accompanying the product before making a final choice in favor of one or another brand.

5. Differential Digital Signage

The brand product is cut from a large blank, the marking of which contains a differentiated digital designation. If absolutely all figures are repeated on the finished model, then with a high degree of probability this is not the original.

6. Lack of Mechanical Damage

When the question of purchase is almost resolved, it remains to verify the external integrity of the product. Inspect the product for tears, cuts, and internal wear, as any defect could lead to a quick belt failure.


After you read all the serpentine belt reviews, it is high time to speak a bit more about the best serpentine belt 2020. In our case, it is Continental Elite 4070975. This belt occupies the leading position on the market due to numerous factors. First of all, it is the best because it is quiet in operation and fits various models of cars. Also, it is developed of high-quality material that guarantees the protection from stretching and long period of service life. What is rather important, after you install this serpentine belt, you will be safe from noise and won’t hear the engine at work. So, if you really want to make a right choice, if you are looking for the best serpentine belt, Continental Elite 4070975 is exactly what you need.

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All serpentine belts are similar by appearance, but differ in size - length, width, number of streams. Spare parts are manufactured by various manufacturers, so choosing the right part is not very easy. In any case, spare parts of the original production are preferable, they are made with high quality, they are always suitable for the parameters. But the original has a flaw, which is sometimes crucial - it is quite a high price. Among the best brands to consider are the following: Continental Elite; Gates; ACDelco.

Statistics show that the number of faults increases after the fourth year of operation of serpentine models. If you can afford this, the replacement can be performed by a professional. Though, it is possible to do this by yourself after performing several simple steps.

  • Remove the accumulator from the car and put it on the handbrake.
  • Draw a belt routing pattern or take a picture of it. Before dismantling the old serpentine belt, look under the hood and inspect the engine to see the location of the belt. Make sure you understand its configuration.
  • Loosen belt tension. After that, you can easily move the previously installed product from the pulleys.
  • Check your drive system for wear. The tensioner and pulleys of the drive system shouldn’t be damaged.
  • Before you install a replacing belt it is necessary to inspect whether the alignment of pulleys is correct. The wrong alignment can easily damage the product you just bought. Misalignment can cause noise or lead to tight belts in the timing belt.
  • After fulfilling all the previously described steps and replacing the components, install the belt following the picture made or location diagram you previously made. The edges of the belt with the grooves of the pulley should be aligned correctly. After that, you need to make sure that the belt is located on each of the pulleys at a right angle.
  • Ensure correct serpentine belt tension. If the system is equipped with an automatic tensioner, you need to release it in a slow way and it will provide the necessary tension automatically. Do not re-measure the tension after checking the engine start.
The main symptom of the serpentine belt unsuitability is its clear whistle, which begins to appear under the maximum load of electrical appliances in a vehicle. As a rule, this happens when the dipped headlights are on. When the engine is turned off and the gas supply is low, you begin to hear a characteristic whistle under the hood, then this symptom is a clear sign that a belt has been stretched or weakened. When you start to hear such a whistle - it is not critical and not scary, but certainly not pleasant. Just such a sound begins to indicate the beginning of problems with the belt and its possible failure. The worst thing can be when the constant sound of the generator occurs without load and with load. This already indicates that an urgent replacement of the belt is necessary. We understand that it might be a difficult task if you need to choose a reliable serpentine belt for your car, SUV or truck. In order to simplify your choice and save your time we managed to test various products and analyzed numerous feedbacks from clients in order to prepare serpentine belt reviews for you. The table below represents the TOP 10 best serpentine belts 2020.
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