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Are you dreaming of the best remote car starter? Every driver dreams of a warm car seat without losing valuable time for warming up the power unit in frosty mornings. Also, drivers want to be set off immediately, without fearing the consequences of driving with a cold engine. The opposite situation concerns the summer heat, which car owners would love to hide from, in a car pre-cooled with an air conditioning system. The modern auto market has a solution for such problems – choosing the best remote car starter. It is a high-tech device that is similar to the alarm key fob and provides the remote start of the engine. It performs certain functions controlled by a small electronic device.

You should note that the engine can be auto-started by the best remote car starters in two ways:

  • Close to the car (within 400 meters radius), it is possible to use a special remote, usually performed in the form of a keychain. The command can also be sent from a mobile phone. Unfortunately, if there is a considerable distance, the use of a manual remote mode is not possible;
  • There is the possibility of programming autorun at a particular time or at a given temperature. It is used in cases when the driver is too far from the car. This best remote car starter is excellent for protecting the power unit from freezing.

The command sent by the driver or received from the device causes the security alarm to disconnect and the lock to release. The rotor of the best remote car starter is set in motion. The flashing of the car’s signal lamps and the flickering of the LED indicator confirm the successful start of the engine. The starter disconnects after the operation of the power unit. If the automatic system fails the first time the engine is started, repeated attempts are made to switch it on, with a gradual increase in the scrolling intervals. This is an advanced feature that the best remote start system should have.

There are specially developed autorun systems that can independently determine the causes of engine failure. Having performed the required diagnostics, such programs notify the driver about the detected problems.

In the frosty period, the autostart of the engine at certain intervals becomes necessary. Such a useful function prevents the overcooling of the power unit. Besides, talented inventors developed a program that triggers the autorun system when the engine reaches a specific temperature. This option prevents the oil from freezing, periodically warming up the unit when it cools considerably and can be found in the best remote car starters.


This unique tool is designed to start the engine in the driver’s absence, for people with high demands, who are accustomed to maximum comfort. This device may feature ignition in advance, allowing the car to warm up in winter or to cool down in the summer. In this manner, the owner of the vehicle can sit behind the wheel in the cabin with an optimally pleasant temperature and immediately start driving. We think that the best remote car starter is the Viper remote car starter. It is the best remote car starter, based on our thorough reviews, in comparison to all the other products that we tested. We cannot name Avital Remote Start System 4103LX the best remote car starter. Yes, it has the best price, but, unlike the best remote car starter from Viper, it has some cons. If we speak about our best remote car starter 2020, Viper has a great instrumental kit, a vast range of work and compatibility with different cars. Yes, this best remote start system is not cheap, but it is well worth the money spent on it.

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