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The idea of owning the best police scanner has always crossed the minds of people at some point. This is because, with this scanner, you can be in a position to listen to the various frequencies in your areas. As the name suggests, it means you can listen to the police channels, and other emergency frequencies being broadcasted.

With multiple models of the police scanner, sometimes it can be tough picking the right one. It is the reason we get to review the best police scanners in 2020. In the end, you will now be in a position to make up your mind.


A police scanner is indeed an important tool to monitor radio communications between police and some other emergency responders within the area. Simply defined, it is a wireless device which can pick up a number of different radio bands simultaneously.

So, here are some of the best police scanners that might fit your needs:


Handheld police scanner

Just as the name suggests, you will be carrying it around in your hand. Being a handheld police scanner, you will find that it resembles a walkie-talkie. Thanks to being lightweight, carrying it around is never a big problem.

Car police scanner

This kind of police scanners can be installed in the dashboard of the vehicle. This is just like installing a CD player in your car. They are designed to work great with the car’s electricals and you should find them also being versatile.

People also like them for having the best performance. You can get such best police detectors having more functionality than the handheld models.

Home/base scanner

Just as the name suggests, this type is for home or base use. You will find them being bulky for portability. They might not be the best in portability, but definitely, have some good features you could use. You can always be sure to enjoy working with it as from today.

Ease of use

There is no doubt you will be looking for the Best police scanner that is easy to use. The good news is that most models on the market should be easy for you to handle. This makes it even better for the newbies. You can just pick one out of the box and start using it.

Number Of Channels

You will definitely be okay if the model that you are getting comes with a good number of channels. This is because you will be in a position to keep using the police scanner for accessing more channels. Depending on the model, some can deliver on up to 300 channels. You should definitely feel great owning a model with more channels, as even the best police scanner online can’t beat a real product.

Scanning Search Speed

This is still another good feature to consider when searching for the best police detector. Depending on the model, some might be fast while others are slower when it comes to scanning for channels. You can be sure that newer models will have a faster scanning speed. Some allow for up to 50 channels per second. There is no doubt having a model with more scanning speed will make you enjoy using it on overall.

Trunk Tracking

If you are looking to follow the various channels in the area with the use of a trunked radio system, then you need to get a scanner that has the trunk tracking feature. This always allows you to keep in touch and never miss anything. Trunking police scanners have been on the rise now.


Well, the sensitivity is definitely important. You need to look at the sensitivity of the best police scanner before making up your mind on the best to buy. The sensitivity is measured in microvolts. The lower this number, the more sensitive it is. You definitely want to get a model with the best sensitivity. This means that you can still get to listen to weak transmissions.

Computer Control

This is still a nice feature to keep in mind. You will be in a position to enjoy using a model with computer control. This is because you can even download additional frequencies. Having a great performance makes you keep using the model overall for various applications.

Brand Price

Sometimes it gives you a peace of mind getting a model from a top brand. You will be in a position to enjoy using it as from today knowing that the model you just picked is good. All the models mentioned in this guide are from top brands.

You might also want to keep the price in mind. Compare the models to see what you can get as the best for the budget you have in mind.


From the list above, you are now in a position to make up your mind about the best police scanner. You will definitely also have to keep in mind the buying guide. You always have to consider what you need to use the scanner for. Based on your needs, you can now end up with the best scanner. So, what is the best police scanner in 2020? From the list above, we get to see that the Uniden BCD536HP model is the best police detector. This is because it is full of good performance features; you will definitely find it is one of the best to use right now on the market. Even though some might say the software is complex, the overall functionality makes it good. It is going to work perfectly to give you all the important performance you need. Therefore, we can definitely say that the Uniden BCD536HP is the best model out there right now.

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