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Automotive lighting technology has come a long way in recent years, and this is especially apparent due to the growing number of off-road lights. The best off road lights commonly find their way into 4×4 vehicles and trucks, but they are also quite popular for ATVs and other recreational vehicles. These lights are more than just for aesthetic purposes, as they help provide far greater safety than the standard headlights. Increased safety is a factor behind people going for them. A new buyer has to look at several parameters before picking the best off-road lights.


There are a number of LED light bar reviews available to help the buyer make the right choice because this product is of paramount importance for several reasons. They are:

1. Safety

The lighting plays a major role in determining the safety while driving at night. The standard illumination is often insufficient, and this leads to underlit conditions. This can cause dangerous situations more often than not. The use of good quality off-road lights makes a substantial difference to the safety quotient.

2. Emergency Help

If the vehicle suffers a breakdown in the middle of an off-road track, help is unlikely to arrive from other means. In such a situation, the off-road lights can come to the rescue by helping perform basic repairs even in pitch-black darkness.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

The best off road lights are often housed in attractive panels. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle as a whole. These lights are meant to look good when the lights are turned off or on.


There are several factors to consider before picking the offer lights. Let’s take a closer look at them:

1.Type of Light

Not all products are the same. Some offer LED bulbs that provide greater heat dissipation properties and longer lifespan, while there are products that go with high-intensity discharge (HID). The HIDs have a shorter lifespan and are also prone to a lot of heat. Meanwhile, halogen bulbs occupy the lowest end of the spectrum since they are a dated technology, but they are cost effective. Halogen bulbs are also expected to last only for around 1000 hours, and they are not best suited for regular use. They also do not tend to throw up white light, which is far better on eyes in terms of fatigue levels. Not the best off-road lights option as far as we can see.

2. Light Pattern

A spotlight is a common throw taken up by most of the products. However, light bars have now emerged with a long beam of light that can stretch across 40° to 120°. They are better than the spotlight due to the larger area of coverage. There are also products that go with a mix of both. Depending on the usage of the product, the focus should be provided for the two different types of lighting. For those who are frequently into off-roading, the best setup may include floodlights.

3. Durability

The LED light bar reviews often tend to focus on the durability aspect, as it is imperative that the product should last longer. Almost every highly-rated product today comes with waterproof and weatherproof housing, which often receives an IP rating for the same. Crucially, the buyer should place emphasis on the quality of the mounting brackets, which are prone to rust and corrosion.

4. Installation

This factor is often looked down upon since many do not realize its importance, but off road LED spotlights that take up a lot of time to install can test the patience of all parties. If the product is easily attachable or detachable, it can be easily used by a buyer. An added bonus would be a comprehensive set of instructions from the manufacturer.


The process of picking the best off-road lights can be quite tricky without the right assistance. After considering the various parameters discussed above, it is easier to come to a conclusion with regard to the off road lights. Even though there are plenty of products that are available in the market today, it is easier to choose among them after having gone through the various parameters. Since the lighting solutions for off-road vehicles have become extremely popular, it is possible to improve the aesthetic and functional looks of a 4×4 vehicle or truck.

After having gone through all the top products available on sale today, the best off road lights in the business happen to be the Northpole Light LED Light Bar, which offers excellent value for money by not compromising on features or build quality. It also happens to come up with a reasonable set of features that make it ideal for use in all weather conditions. The output is also excellent for a product at this price range. All these aspects put the Northpole Light LED Light Bar at the top in the list of the best off-road lights.

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