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Do you want to find out more about the best octane booster? Let’s talk about what is octane rating first. It is an indicator known to all drivers, that represents the level of detonation and directly determines the moment of the onset of ignition and explosion of the fuel mass. An insufficiently high level of detonation can provoke the undesirable effect when the fuel ignites earlier than the inlet valves closes. This happens when the piston-cylinder has not reached the peak point yet. At such a moment, the car's engine starts to work at full power, but its operation turns out to be unstable and incorrect. If the vehicle operates with insufficient octane number for long enough, the engine is exposed to a significant risk. Besides, such an inappropriate number provokes detonations, which can be perceived as a knocking of valves – that's why you should be careful while picking the best octane booster.

So, what are the possible ways to increase this critical index in gasoline? This fuel index can only be grown artificially. For this purpose, it is necessary to use the best octane boosters because even the top-quality gas without additives initially has an octane rating of 87-91. Thus, the increase in this number utilizing the best octane booster can be achieved by adding various aromatic and paraffinic branched hydrocarbon components to it. Their aromatic saturation leads to the appearance of a rather unusual, even sharp smell of gasoline. Accordingly, the higher the octane number is, the stronger the smell of gas will be. Due to its increasing volatility, it is not recommended to store fuel in open containers, as this will undoubtedly lead to a decrease in this index.


Several tips will help you choose the best octane booster for your vehicle. Follow them all, and you will definitely make no mistakes.

1. Read Reviews, Not Advertisements

All the advertisements on the Internet promise that what they promote is the best. This will turn your low-powered old vehicle into a super-powered racing car. This is absurd, so don’t believe such words. The best boosters increase gas octane levels by adding 5% to the existing number. The average result is 2.5 – 3%, but certainly not 50%. In any case, even if the additive will be able to add 3%, it is a good result and will prevent the vehicle from knocking.

2. Do Not Idealize Expectations

The performance of the engine will be improved, of course, but your car won’t be able to join the races. The best octane booster on the market will help you save fuel will eliminate contaminations; this is true. Also, it will reduce knocks and pings. You may ask, does octane booster work? Well, of course, it does, but do not expect miracles.

3. Choose the Best Octane Booster, According To Your Car Requirements

It is not a secret that all the engines vary in specifications, and so do their fuel ratings. If the engine of your car is of low performance, do not use booster fuels developed for sport and racing cars.


Based on our research, Lucas octane booster is the best product among the top sellers, and it deserves to be called the best octane booster 2020. Now, let’s talk more about it and see why you need this product and not any other. Well, it is fair to say that this additive is universal, as it can be used in both carburetor and fuel injected engines. It’s also important to say that it is absolutely safe for turbo engines and various oxygen sensor. It helps to eliminate knocking and reduces fuel mileage. Based on Lucas octane booster reviews, this best octane booster can also be used for motorcycles and lawnmowers. If you still have any doubts concerning which brand to choose, go with this one, as it is the real winner among all the best octane boosters on sale.

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