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Bikes can be a costly purchase especially when it comes to the likes of Harley-Davidson and other brands. One of the best ways to the longevity of these products is by picking up the best motorcycle lift in the business. The best motorcycle lift will be able to offer the chance to do your maintenance work in a swift and effective manner. Unlike the bikes themselves, the best motorcycle lift will not cost that much. The best motorcycle lift are custom built to handle certain brands. It is possible to remove the wheels, change engine oil, or work on the bike using the best motorcycle lift.


There are three major types of motorcycle jacks for sale available in the market. They are primarily classified into these types depending on the power used. They are:

#Air Lifts

This is the cheapest and popular type of best motorcycle lift. It is run by compressed air of up to 100 PSI. These products are fitted with a valve, which is operated by foot, to add pressure to the container. The air source is now connected to the valve. This type has a capacity of around 1000 lbs, and they usually have the ability to lock at various angles.

#Air Hydraulic Lifts

These best motorcycle jacks are also powered by compressed air, but they are assisted by an air pump. This pump will force hydraulic fluid so that it goes into the lifting cylinder. Now, the air pump is operated by a pedal located on top of the pump. The hydraulic oil is stored inside a tank located within the housing of the pump. These products are significantly smoother in operation but their price is also slightly higher.

#Electric Hydraulic Lifts

These best motorcycle jacks are substantially more expensive, but they are extremely easy-to-use with the lifting cylinder being activated by an electrical hydraulic pump. The convenience, operating speed, and the presence of remote lifting options do make them the preferred choice amongst premium bikers.


A number of aspects have to be considered before picking the best motorcycle lift 2020 has to offer. Some of the important criteria are:

1. Types of Lifts

There are three major types of products available:

Floor Jacks

These are extremely popular in the market. The best motorcycle jack is similar to a low unit that is used to do handle a Harley-Davidson product. Since these products are usually equipped with wheels, they can be easily moved around. The process of manoeuvring around tight spaces is also quite easy. The package comes with a long handle for lifting purposes.


These are used to lift the bike entirely off the ground. The whole weight is balanced on the platform. In order to prevent the bike from moving around, there would be security locks provided on the platform. Despite being extremely easy-to-use, the best motorcycle jack is easy to store due to their compact nature.


This is a product that is not just used for lifting the bike, as it can also be transported in an upright position.

2. Maximum Lifting Weight

This is an important aspect to consider while purchasing the motorcycle lift for sale, as it will determine the maximum weight that can be handled by the product. A good idea would be to be aware of the motorbike’s weight before making a choice. It is not a good idea to pick up a device that can only handle 500 lbs if your motorbike weighs 700 lbs. Some of the higher end motorcycle lift for sale may even come with a 1500 lbs maximum limit.

3. Maximum Height

The specification chart will provide information about the maximum height to which a motorbike can be lifted by the motorcycle lift for sale. This information is usually expressed in inches, while there is a minimum and maximum range to this aspect. It is always recommended to go with a motorcycle lift for sale that can lift the bike to a very high position so that it becomes easier to work on.

4. Balance

The platform on which the bike will rest is a crucial element. It should be strong and stable enough so that the bike can be worked upon without any worries or issues. If there is a constant fear of the bike tripping over, it is not possible to give the maximum concentration to the maintenance job.

5. Stability

The use of lift hydraulics increases the stability of the motorcycle lift for sale. It is also recommended to go with a product that has security locks inbuilt so that the bike can be tied down to a certain position and it also prevents accidental slips from the stand. If the product is also equipped with wheels, it becomes an added bonus due to easy movement and portability.

6. Pricing

The pricing of the Motorcycle jack becomes an important priority for those on a budget. Even when on a budget, it is not an ideal situation to work on a big bike with just a stand at the disposal. Any work on the underside of a bike has to be done with the help of a proper device. After deciding on the maintenance that a bike requires, it is preferable to set the budget.


There are multiple choices in the segment that need to be assessed depending on the requirements. It’s best to sit down, think about the features you actually need, calculate your budget and start from there. The market is full of various options and we recommend reading our buying guide again before you make a decision. This will help narrow down the choices for the best motorcycle lift. After considering all the choices, the PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle happens to be the best motorcycle lift in our opinion. This best motorcycle lift will be able to provide a good compromise between maximum weight capacity, features, and durability. The best motorcycle lift also manages to offer these features at a very attractive price. That’s it! We really hope you found what you were looking for.

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Everyone is looking for the best motorcycle jack, but what is it, exactly? Well, it allows the bike to be lifted in such a way that an owner or a mechanic will be able to carry out underbody repairs.
The bikes – especially on the premium side – can be difficult to maintain without proper care, which involves addressing any issues now and then. You are probably looking for motorcycle lift for sale because it allows repairs to be conducted without visiting the workshop.
The table is the platform on which the bike rests after the jack is completed. This has to be a stable platform, which can also handle the weight requirements of premium products.
There are a number of the contenders for the title of the best motorcycle lift 2020. Wide Deck and PowerZone are known to provide highly competitive products in this segment.
These products need to tick a number of boxes like the loading capacity, speed of operation, compactness, and price in order to be crowned as the best motorcycle jack.
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