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How to choose the best modular helmet? Read the following detailed and examined review. The motorbiker's equipment cannot be imagined without the best modular helmet. For a motorbike rider, the best modular helmet is a warranty of coming home safe and sound. The best modular helmet protects not just from injuries and road accident's consequences. The best modular helmet is built to defend you from the ultraviolet rays, from the strong wind, annoying insects and the smallest road sweeping.

Nowadays, manufacturers suggest the greatest variety of best modular helmets. Whether you can afford the most expensive ones, or if you are short of money, you will manage to purchase the most suitable variant. All of the motorbiker's gear shops offer modular helmets for sale. But never forget, choosing this gear is about saving your life and physical wellness, not about saving money.


The Highest Protection Level: Full-face type

These are examples of classical design. Full-face helmets cover the whole head and provide the best protection of all kinds. Nevertheless, they are not very convenient in use as the best modular helmets.

The Most Flexible: Modular type

This is a hybrid design that is close enough to the full-faced ones by the level of security. The flipping up part makes this gear more comfortable in use. But don’t forget that even the best modular helmet is safe only until the chip bar is closed during the ride.

The Widest Vision: Open-face type

The open-face gear covers only the back and top of your head and ears, while the chin stays unprotected. It may also be equipped with the sunglass protector. This model of the best modular helmet gives you less protection, and it is highly recommended to wear sunglasses or goggles with it.

Half Head Protection

As protecting only half of the head, this type is not recommended to wear on the highways. It is necessary to wear glasses or goggles with it at least to shield eyes.

Advanced Security: Motocross type

Modern motocross equipment provides the highest level of security and comfort. They have the extended chin bar to give enough safety on the dangerous roads and enlarger visors for better sun protection.

Dual-Sport Adventure or Dual-sport Type

This type combines the aerodynamic shape of the best modular helmet and the extended chin bar of a motocross one. This model is only gaining its popularity now.


Choosing the right modular helmet may be puzzling. Before making your choice, consider the following criteria:

Best Security Features

Safety is the priority for the top-rated modular helmets. Make sure the helmet is made of durable material and provides enough security. The best models are produced of the premium polycarbonate, strengthened with additive materials and a multi-layer density technology. It must be adjustable, to fit your head tight enough. Also, the helmet should be solid enough to defend you from any injury in case of car accidents.

Comfort and Usability

The best modular helmets have sun shields, as well as an excellent ventilating system. Modular helmet reviews show that the most available versions are equipped with additional inner sun-shades and have proper anti-fog protection. Also, pay attention to the size of the eye-port, as the more extensive the field of vision is – the more comfortable you will feel on the road. Moreover, make sure its liners and chin pads are washable to maintain it fresh and clean for a long time.

Helmet Construction and Material

Polycarbonate, combined with any composite substance, is commonly used to produce the best modular helmets out there. The outer part may be manufactured from plastic composed with carbon fiber, Kevlar or fiberglass. It helps to make the material of the shell durable and light, at the same time. The inner part is commonly composed of fabric and foam to protect and give enough comfort.


Giving the users proper protection, the top modular helmet provides a rider an opportunity to chat with a fellow or to make a sip of water now and then, without putting the headgear off. Modular helmet reviews show that this flexibility is the main reason to buy the best modular helmets.

To choose the top-quality option for yourself, you should pay attention to the safety, quality of construction and materials, read user reviews; oh, and don’t forget about the level of comfort.

Considering all reviews, the best choice by all features is HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II, as it satisfies all the requirements for the best modular helmet. Being reasonably lightweight, compared to full-faced types, it provides the highest level of safety. It is the best modular helmet as the rider’s comfort is guaranteed by several sun-protecting shields, anti-fog protection, and the advanced ventilating system. So, if you are in search of the best modular helmet to be safe, comfortable, and durable, HJC is the perfect one.

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Compared to the traditional ones, the best modular motorcycle helmet is far more versatile. This hybrid gear combines the advantages of the open-faced and the full-faced one. Using the best modular helmet 2020 is very convenient, as you can feel totally secured during the ride on the high speed. Meanwhile, you can breathe in some fresh air during the shortstop just throwing up the chin bar.
According to many modular helmet reviews, the most significant way to decrease the noise of the highway and stay satisfied with the ride is to own the best modular helmet as Shoei Neotec Helmet. It is built right to reduce the driver’s distraction by the noise and to let him keep an eye on the road. Of course, it cannot be placed within the cheap modular helmets list. But the excellent aerodynamics, the way the model absorbs the interfering sounds and the perfect shell design are worth the money you pay.
The headgear must be equipped with all supplements to count as top-rated and to make the ride more comfortable and safer. Such helmet doesn’t only permit you to flip up the chin bar, but it may also have a sun shield, a pin-lock visor, and an adjustable chin bar. Considering the price, the safety features and design modular helmet reviews put HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II and Scorpion EXO-AT950 Solid on the first places of the rating.
The best modular snowmobile helmet is both reliable and lightweight. For example, O’Neal 0623-053 is built specially to keep you fresh and cool, due to the detachable and easy to clean padded liner that keeps the sweat away. The best modular helmet 2020 combines convenience, durability, and security characteristics.
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