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Quite often, drivers have to deal with the need to transport bulky items, which, with all desire and skills, cannot be placed in the trunk or interior of a vehicle. Best hitch cargo carriers will solve this problem. The best hitch cargo carrier will become an indispensable device for people who are used to live an active life and are engaged in cycling, skiing, snowboarding. However, sometimes ordinary people also have to transport oversized household goods. Best hitch cargo carriers will help cope with everyday tasks. With their help, without any hassle, you can carry bags of products from a supermarket, packets with the long-awaited harvest from farm, tools, and products for building or repair, even doors, and boards.

In general, automobile luggage is divided into several types depending on the attachment method. These are platforms and roof boxes, tailgate, and tow bars. Each of them has several advantages and disadvantages.

Best hitch cargo carriers include several types of autonomous technical devices that have a single way of attachment to the tow hook. They can be used to transport goods behind a vehicle. This equipment is based on a cargo platform that can be equipped with additional deep baskets, closed boxes, or attachments for carrying bicycles. Distinctive features of best hitch cargo carriers for cars - with tow bar fastening - are the use of, especially durable materials. Among them, it is possible to find high-strength steel, cold-resistant plastic, medium-density polyethylene, etc. All of them offer reliable connections and the ability to fit any vehicle.


Every driver knows that the primary purpose of the tow bar is towing other vehicles. On this basis, you can safely load your hitch cargo carrier with things of almost any weight, without the fear of excessive load. It can be used for various purposes. With its help, you can quickly and conveniently transport bicycles, snowboards, sleds, prams, wheelchairs, household luggage (bags and sacks) and even individual boxes for pets and with pets.


When choosing your best hitch cargo carrier, you need to take into account the following key points:

1. Load Capacity

First of all, you need to make sure that your vehicle supports the installation of such a device. Such racks and boxes are 1.25 – 2-inch long. Usually, cargo carriers support about 200 lb of cargo, but there are models with an exceptional 500 lb load capacity. You need to decide what you are going to transport.

2. Easy Installation

Usually, it is straightforward to mount the best hitch mounted cargo carrier if you chose the right size of the receiver. Carrier racks are already pre-assembled, so you will be safe from stress and won’t spend a lot of time on a process of installation.

3. Weather Protection

If you want to protect things you are carrying in a hitch cargo box, think about models that offer weather protection. It means that you may need to choose models that support accessories that are weather-proof and resemble a closed construction.

4. Quality

Give preference to those best hitch cargo carriers that are made of high-quality materials. You need to be sure that a chosen rack won’t be broken suddenly, especially when you are traveling on bad roads. This is a purchase that shouldn’t often repeat, so it should serve you for numerous mountain trips, for example.

5. Easy Access

In case that a carrier is mounted to a fixed frame, you won’t be able to access your car trunk quickly. At the same time, a swing away structure will give you more possibilities. In another way, you will need to remove the carrier to have access to the rear part of the vehicle.

6. Security

All your gear should remain secured. Various box latches are responsible for safety and can be used for both racks and cargo boxes.


Benefits of Hitch Carriers


All hitch racks mounted on a tow hook have an impressive margin of safety. And thanks to the use of the patented system of fasteners, an additional platform or box on the tow bar, as they say, tightly.

Convenient Location

The car trunk is located at a suitable height for a driver. You don’t have to lift a heavy load over your head, as it happens when it is transported on the roof.

Accessory Support

Depending on the driver’s needs, luggage platforms can be equipped with additional accessories. These might include padlocks, floor coverings that reduce the sliding of the load, dividers for the load, or special boxes with air vents for transporting animals, etc.

Ability to Transport Bikes

When transporting bike equipment, the best hitch carrier allows you to carry several bikes at the same time. The top mount is calculated using the formula “1 bike = 1 trunk”. When transporting bicycles, it is impossible to avoid road dust, dirt, and rubble from under the wheels. Therefore, many drivers still prefer the boot, located on the roof. Among drivers, there is a perception that the upper loads are more accessible to take into account in the course of the movement than the rear ones. Thus, when transported on the roof, the risk of damage to the precious cargo is much less. In the case of an accident, the safety of the load carried on the roof is somewhat higher. Disadvantages of Hitch Carriers

Limited Luggage Safety

There is an option for car enthusiasts who often carry loads of different types and like to travel with their family. That is to install different types of luggage carriers (hitch carrier and roof carrier). First, this will allow simultaneously transporting a higher volume of cargo. Second, it will provide an opportunity to fasten more valuable things on top of the vehicle for safety purposes.

Limited parking abilities

It is essential to understand that no matter what you carry, items fixed behind your car should not obstruct the view! If the load, due to its size, overlaps the rear lighting, use external position and brake lights. The sizes of transported goods are not unlimited. The width of cargo and its excess rear dimensions are governed by rules of road and operation of transport.


The mounting process usually takes only a couple of seconds. To do this, simply follow several steps below:

  • Put your hitch mounted cargo carrier on a ball of the tow bar.
  • Use a lever to secure it.
  • Fill it with the gear you need to transport.
  • Check whether it doesn’t bother you on the road.

The process is carried out on an intuitive level so that installing the trunk on the hitch does not require special skills. Universal models allow you to fix it on all models of vehicles.


Now, when you know everything about best hitch cargo carriers and how to choose them right, let’s talk a bit more about our top pick. According to our professional review, CURT 18151 Basket-Style is the best hitch cargo carrier in 2020. People prefer choosing it for their luggage transportation when they need to take a lot of things with them and even when their way comes on harsh roads. Such best hitch cargo carriers by Curt are simple in design but are very efficient. Moreover, this model is of a foldable style and is easy to install. Based on our hitch cargo carrier reviews, CURT 18151 shouldn’t be removed even when you don’t need to carry extra luggage. Besides, this model offers excellent load capacity, fits the majority of hitch receivers, and doesn’t block rear lights of the car. So, when you are looking for the best hitch cargo carriers, this product should be number one to consider.

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