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Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

A more frequently asked question begging for answer is: How do I clean my headlights? Lenses polishing with your own hands and the best headlight restoration kit can be done at home in cases when the damage is insignificant and does not require non-trivial approaches to repair. The fact is, when dirt, sand, dust, and small pebbles get on the lenses, they scratch them. Such an external influence of the environment not only harms the aesthetic appearance, but it also affects the technical parameters: the lenses become more turbid, their light differs in faintness, diffusion, and light transmission is reduced to 30%.


Today the market offers a wide selection of best headlight restoration kits. All of which are divided into two main types.

With Matte Effect

Such means are suitable for headlamps with minor damages. Therefore, if you only need to return the former transparency to the lanterns, then it is worth choosing this type of headlight restoration kit on the market.

With Varnishing Effect

This option is more suitable for polishing the headlamps with more serious defects, for example, with deep scratches and abrasion of the factory coating. Also, it is noteworthy whether the lenses are made from glass or abrasion-resistant plastic (polycarbonate). The main advantage of glass lenses is their strength and resistance to mechanical influences. However, if we are talking about polycarbonate, then such a surface is much easier to restore and remove the scratches from using the best headlight restoration kits. In addition, the plastic has now become very popular due to its good throughput and durability. Despite all the advantages of polycarbonate, it has a significant disadvantage – exposure to ultraviolet rays. Because of this, the surface of the lens turns yellow. However, yellowness can also be reduced with the help of the best headlight lens restorer.


Choosing the Best Headlight Restoration Kit absolutely depends on how severe are the damages on the lens of your car. All the products in the review proved excellent effectiveness, so the main advice is to follow all the instructions provided by manufacturers. Below are some basic steps of choosing the right product for clear headlight covers.

Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit

#1 Watch Instructional Video

How do you clean headlights? Usually, all the manufacturers have videos that show how to use their products correctly. Watch it make sure you will be able to use this or that best headlight lens restorer at home.

#2 Examine Lenses

The next thing is to examine the lenses of your car. If they look clean, you do not need any headlight treatment. Mostly all the components of such kits are abrasive and could damage the lenses. Also, try to recollect when you renewed the lenses for the last time and check if the oxidation is heavy. In case if your car has yellow, dull, scratched and milky headlights, you definitely need the effective means to change the situation for better with the best headlight cleaning kit.

#3 Examine the Materials

Not all the materials used in the best headlight lens restorer will fit you. For example, there are kits specific for glass lenses and those for plastic lenses. The components are different.

Meguiar's Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

#4 Ease of Use

The best headlight cleaning kit you choose shouldn’t take a lot of time and effort on your end. Usually, you will need to have effective results after fulfilling several easy steps included in the user guide.

#5 Price

The price is rather important for top-rated headlight restoration. Never choose the product only because it is pretty cheap. You need to find an ideal value for money. The best headlight restoration kits are available for any budget.


Based on our detailed review, 3m quick headlight renewal kit is on the first position among all the other similar products. It is the best headlight restoration kit 2020 designed to restore lenses that have turned yellow or clouded with time. Thanks to its components, the brightness of the glow increases and the appearance of the car also improves. This set proved to be a simple and effective tool, that’s why it is the best headlight restoration kit 2020. You need to choose this product because it returns the opacity to the dimmed and yellowed lenses and is easy to use with a household drill. Among the main advantages is the ability to clean and reduce scratches. So, if you really need to polish the headlamps of your vehicle, choose this among the other kits and it will help to make the lens transparent.

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