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Simple Green Crystal Industrial Cleaner Degreaser

It’s a settled fact that the flame heart of your car is exposed to a large number of pollutants, which are technical fluids and road dust. These layers could be washed away with running water and ordinary detergent in some circumstances. Unfortunately, the engine's operating temperature often reaches hundreds of degrees, turning these pollutants into a hellish caked mixture, which is very difficult to remove. In addition to the deterioration caused to the appearance of an engine compartment, these layers affect heat transfer of engine and can cause very unpleasant consequences. Therefore, sooner or later, any car owner is faced with the choice of best engine degreaser to remove this scab from the heart of his iron horse.

All manufacturers, without exception, say that their engine cleaner completely removes all the oldest layers of dust and oil stains among others. It is important to inform you that we carried out research in regards of the cleaning properties of different types of best engine degreasers. The results of this research will help you to choose the best one for your car engine.


It turns out that best engine degreasers differ not only by the form of application. Some of these products are based on water, and others on petroleum. There is also a class of foaming liquids. Let’s see what are they and which one is the most suitable.


Degreasers of this type are safe in use and can be applied on various surfaces without damaging them. Even if you overspray it somehow, the formula is not that aggressive. It is an undeniable fact that water-based cleaners are very effective.


Petroleum-based gunk engine cleaner is cheap and heavy-duty. Its formula doesn’t contain very expensive ingredients. At the same time, there is one huge drawback – you won’t be able to use it on any other surfaces except engine, because of their abrasiveness. Usually, manufacturers put special markings about that on a package.


Foam-based degreaser is usually quick-drying and removes the oppressive dirt from an engine easily. However, they are more expensive and differ greatly in the formula of ingredients used.


The selection of the best degreaser should be made based on several factors.

 Meguiar’s Super Degreaser

#1 Type of Cleaner

Cleaners exist in 3 forms: sprays, tribes and foam compounds. It is preferable to buy spray cleaners, as they are easy to use. As for efficiency, they are also among the best. However, in this case, the type of packaging is not critical as aerosol engine cleaners could not be found.

#2 Additional Functions

It is noteworthy that in addition to good cleaning abilities, detergents should also be safe for rubber and plastic parts that abound on engine components. Thus, when washing, these elements should not be destroyed. In addition, it is desirable that a car engine degreaser prevents the destruction of electrical wiring in the engine compartment by aggressive elements, and also limits the possibility of a fire. Aggressive elements are fuel, solvents, salts, which can get into the engine compartment from the bottom or top.

#3 Efficiency

An external engine cleaner, by definition, should well dissolve the spots of grease, oils (lubricants, engine oil), fuels, wash dried dirt, among others. The foam spreading over the treated surface gets into hard-to-reach places, which cannot be approached with the help of rags and this is a great advantage of such cleaners. The further removal of the dirt can be performed using high-pressure water. As for the effectiveness of composition, the information about it can be read in instructions printed directly on the packaging. It would also be useful to get acquainted with reviews of cleaners.

#4 Budget and Volume

Volume should be chosen taking into account the number of planned surface treatments of engine parts. For one-time processing, a small bottle is enough. If you plan to use this tool on a regular basis, it is better to take a bigger galloon. So you will save money.

Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner Degreaser

#5 Safety

The best engine cleaner should be safe, not only for rubber and plastic but also other parts of the car, as well as for human health, skin and respiratory system. In addition, it is desirable that it was safe from an environmental point of view.

#6 Ease of Use

The easiest way is to use aerosol cleaners. Thus, using sprays or tribes, there is no need to contact those with your hands, since application takes place away from contamination. As for foam cleaners, it is often necessary to wash hands after using them.


Now you understand how important it is to wash a vehicle’s engine on time. While cleaning with the best engine degreaser, you need to make sure that it provides the results you need. Based on our research and test results, Simple Green Crystal Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser is absolutely the best engine degreaser 2020. It is crystal clear and doesn’t have any artificial scent. It is highly-concentrated and removes stubborn grease, dirt, and stains quickly and effectively. It’s non-abrasive and non-flammable formula is environmentally friendly and can be used also for household surfaces. It will interest you to know that this engine cleaner is FDA-approved and doesn’t cause corrosion. If you are still not sure which to choose, it is recommended to start with this one. A trial of this product will definitely do the talking.

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It is possible to find almost any tool designed to clean a particular part of a car. In the same vein, there are many products designed for cleaning the engine. It is in no doubt that most of these materials possess a high level of efficiency and are not difficult to use. Thus, they are suitable for self-cleaning. This allows you to maintain cleanliness without spending extra money on services. The main point in this matter is to choose an engine degreaser correctly. A good engine degreaser not only quickly washes away all the dirt, but also does not harm the details. Put differently, it’s composition should not contain increased aggressiveness.

As you can understand, choosing a good engine degreaser is not a simple task. Some products can be extremely aggressive and may cause engine corrosion as a result. If you don’t take care of the engine before and your car is not a new one, then it is recommended to take Chemical Guys Grime Reaper Extremely Strong Degreaser. This product is, no doubts, the most powerful today. It is very quick and can easily cope with the toughest tasks. At the same time, if you apply it correctly, it won’t cause any problems to plastic around.

Suffice to say that dust and other contaminants that enter the engine compartment from outside are not the main problems. Most often, the need to wash an engine occurs due to the fact that antifreeze, engine and transmission oil flow out in the process of active operation. This happens under conditions of high heating, such dirt spreads intensively over the surfaces. As a result, the thermal model of an engine can be broken and overheating occurs. It is quite obvious that it will be difficult to clean such contaminants with plain water, soap solutions or car shampoos. It is thus reasonable to use a special best engine degreaser for the external surface of the engine.

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