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One of the crucial elements of motorized travel happens to be the tires, which has so far been able to go one way or the other. However, the advent of best dual sport tires has made it possible for people to experience the same comfort both on the street and the track. The best dual-sport tires will be able to handle a wide variety of terrains. They are meant to work in all situations, while still offering a great deal of confidence to the rider. As a result, the best dual sport tires happen to be the default choice of enthusiasts.


The best dual-sport tires will be able to offer excellent traction on the road, while still performing to their best ability when the vehicle is taken off-road. Most of these products tend to have a greater emphasis on off-road performance.


There are different versions of dual sport tires in the market. These are:

80% Street / 20% Dirt

The best 80/20 dual-sport tires are meant for a rider who requires a good grip under several conditions. It is necessary to look for the product that has a wide tread so that it has good cleaning properties when going off-road. However, it is still able to provide decent traction on asphalt. It is possible to note that these tires will have a quieter ride on paved roads. The best 80 20 dual-sport tires will be able to offer a great combination of lifespan and grip.

50% Street / 50% Dirt

The best 50/50 dual sport tire is a very versatile solution to handle dirt and asphalt in equal measure. Due to the availability of knob threads that are substantially bigger than 80/20 tires, it is possible to expect better behavior in mud and sand. When these ones are used on the pavement, they happen to get much better mileage than their rivals. One of the best 50/50 dual-sport tires happens to be Mefo Explorer.

40% Street / 60% Dirt

The 60/40 dual-sport tires have much bigger knobs and tread depth. This results in a significant gap that can be used to clean the dirt. It is possible to use these tires on softer sand, due to this functionality. In this regard, they are much better than their 50/50 competitors. One of the disadvantages of these tires is their lack of ability to handle twisty roads, and there will also be a considerable increase in vibration.

20% Street / 80% Dirt

These are some of the best dual sport tires for dirt since they have a very aggressive pattern of knobs. This makes them excellent when it comes to handling off-road terrain, which is especially technical and difficult in nature. However, this leads to poor performance on the road since it is unlikely to offer much grip on asphalt. Furthermore, it is also not advisable to expect a long lifespan from these products, according to the dual-sport tire review. These tires also happen to go through a big amount of wear and tear.

10% Street / 90% Dirt

These are some of the best dual-sport motorcycle tires, meant for complete off-road usage with the very little of usage on the paved roads. They will be superior at taking on technical off-road terrain. However, the significantly larger knob makes it difficult for these tires to last comfortably on highly technical dirt tracks. However, these tires are extremely susceptible to wear and tear on the pavement. There will also be much less grip when braking hard.


The process of picking the best dual sport tires depends on a lot of factors. The tires are mentioned in percentages to give a more significant indication of the kind of situations that they can handle. The percentages are primarily indicated as Street/Dirt, but they are also an indicator of longevity, traction levels, off-road confidence, on-road handling, and much more. The dual-sport tire review expects these products to handle a variety of terrain. All these factors help the buyer pick the right choice, depending on the usage. This may be a black-and-white method of making the right choice, but it invariably results in the best alternative.

1. Pay Attention to Where You Are Riding

The surface where the motorbike will be used holds a greater factor in making a decision on the best dual sport tire. There may be situations where the trail can be interrupted by a lot of puddles. There may also be occasions when loose mud may be followed by rocky patches. For example, the Kentucky double track trails happen to possess a lot of foliage and significant elevation changes. Due to the presence of perpetual mud, it is essential to have aggressive knobs to handle the terrain in a much better way. There are also likely to be riders who enjoy dirt roads and places with plenty of gravel. However, these can be dealt with by relatively medium-sized knobs.

2. Are Your Off-Road Skills Sharp?

There is a strong likelihood that newcomers to the world of off-roading will be starting with the 90/10 tires, that happen to provide decent functionality when the going gets tough. However, experienced riders would often prefer the aggressive best dual sport tires that will offer better confidence when it gets really tough. The assurance provided by a 20/80 tire in difficult terrain will reduce the stress of crossing the next obstacle, making the ride far more enjoyable. If the rider is not experienced with off-road riding, it is advisable to go with a relatively moderate 90/10 tires, so that they are unlikely to encounter any issues.

3. What Kind of Bike Are You Riding?

The dual-sport tire review will also focus on the bikes on which the tires are used. Even though the product may be excellent as a tire, it may not fit a particular bike. It is essential to look at the tire size recommended by the bike manufacturer. Even if two bikes appear to be very similar and are from the same manufacturer, they are likely to have different weight distribution and power delivery. These differences can produce a significant effect with regards to the way the tire behaves in a challenging environment. The ratings provided by the manufacturer can be relaxed to a certain extent.

4. How Do You Like to Ride?

Some individuals prefer casual adventures, dirt rides, lazy asphalt rides, or even fast rides on a good road. Picking the best dual sport tire depends on your interests. Some of the products will be able to put performance over price and longevity. There are also best dual sport tires that go vice versa in terms of priority. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the budget, riding conditions, and riding type that you favor the most.

5. Will You Go Far?

The best dual sport tire is required to do anything from a run over a trail, that would last around a few hours, to a transcontinental trip. In the case of the latter, it is not easy to change tires midway through, since it can get quite annoying and challenging. In such cases, it is essential to find the right balance between what the best dual sport tires 2020 have to offer and the issue of handling off-road and on-road conditions.

6. Matching Mixing

The mix-and-match policy, when choosing the best dual sport tire, can be quite controversial on motorbikes. However, there are instances of using different tires for the front and rear wheels. Some readers would prefer a bold pattern on the front tire so that it improves the front end before going for a comfortable fit in the rear. Some do prefer to slide out the rear while having a front end that is surefooted.

7. Exceptions

There is a universal need for excellent classification while choosing the best dual sport tire. However, exceptions also have to be made. For example, the Karoo 3 may be classified as a 70/30 tire, but it does take away mud more easily than tires rated much better. Irrespective of the manufacturers rating, the process of making the best dual sport tires 2020 needs to be made after taking a closer look at the tread and lugs. It is also important to remember that the tread varies with regard to the tire size. The best dual sport tires 2020 receive a great deal of attention on the comfort aspect more than the figures. There is also growing evidence about mix-and-match theory, causing reduced confidence in the case of extended journeys. It is also important not to follow the most expensive product blindly. There are inexpensive options that can perform better than the most costly best dual sport tires.


The process of picking up the best dual sport tires can be quite tricky and involves a lot of research. Make sure you study our buying guide, take into account all the things you should look at and also consider your budget and exact needs. It’s a little effort you need to put in right now that will pay off in the long run. However, our conclusion is to focus on Kenda K760 Trakmaster II as the product delivers outstanding value for the money. This is one of the best dual-sport tires, providing excellent traction off-road while still being very cost-effective, and it’s our primary choice here. It manages to fit the requirements of the best dual sport tires by being potent both in on-road and off-road usage. That’s it; we hope you found what you were looking for!

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There is a growing need to use these off-road vehicles even on the street or vice versa without having to undergo a lot of modification. The best dual sport tire allows this possibility with ease.
The best dual sport tires are meant to be picked based on the need and purpose. There are different grades of these products that are intended for various purposes, and the term ‘best’ stands for reliability and quality. No one tire will be fit in all situations, so everyone should decide what’s important to him or her.
The Kenda K760 Trakmaster II is one of the best choices when it comes to street riding, 90/10 tire meant for both purposes.
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