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Anyone who spends a lot of time at the wheel is probably familiar with the feeling of discomfort, overexertion in the lower back, pain and other symptoms from the musculoskeletal system. The fact is that when a person is tired, he begins to slouch involuntarily, which contributes to the overload and curvature of the spinal column. In addition, due to a long stay in one position, the blood flow is disturbed, which can also be considered a serious provoking factor in the development of spine diseases. A high-quality best car seat cushion can help solve this problem.


The best car seat cushion is designed for people who are in a sitting position for a long time. These can be office workers, drivers, or dispatchers. This pillow provides a secure fit on the seat and maximum comfort. Among the main advantages of such an item is the availability of different sizes, so you can choose the most suitable option for the chair or seat. Best seat cushion for car also has an anatomical structure. This soft, comfortable pillow repeats every bend. The load is evenly distributed throughout the body. Its use provides high working capacity and reduces fatigue during prolonged sitting. The load is removed from the intervertebral discs, waist, and neck.


If you are not a fan of driving your car for a long time, and spend no more than an hour a day in it, then there is no special point in acquiring the best car seat cushion for long drives (except for comfort). It is necessary for frequent and long trips to representatives of the following professions:

  • Truckers;
  • Taxi drivers and bus drivers;
  • Special equipment drivers;
  • Car owners who sit at the wheel often and for long (important for residents of large cities and for those who often travel outside the city).

Also, the best seat cushion for car can be useful if the driver has diseases of the intestine or musculoskeletal system. The list of main indications for acquisition is:

  • rectal diseases (external and internal hemorrhoids, fissures, prostates);
  • frequent and long trips (sitting at the wheel exceeds three hours a day);
  • chronic diseases of the spinal column (osteochondrosis, spondylosis or spondylolisthesis, osteoporosis);
  • rehabilitation period after surgery on the perineum or pelvic organs;
  • violation of posture, the presence of spinal deformities.


It cannot be curative, but it is very effective in preventing various diseases. For example, degenerative-dystrophic (spondylosis or osteochondrosis). How is this effect achieved? The product reduces the load on the spinal column, eliminates spasm of the muscles of the back and reduces the overall tension of the spine. In addition, the best car lumbar support cushion improves blood circulation in the venous system of the lower extremities and the small pelvis. The protection, of course, is not one hundred percent: for effective prevention, it is desirable to get out of the car every hour and knead the legs and back, but in practice, this is possible only in very rare cases.


When you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you can eat or drink something on the go, that’s why it’s better to buy the best car seat cushion 2020 with a cover that can be wiped down easily. Some of such pillows are even supplied with a removable cover that can be washed with a washing machine. In our Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion review, we discuss all the pros and cons.


Uber drivers have long appreciated the practical benefits of a good car seat cushion for long drives. To defeat hemorrhoids, which is caused by the stagnation of blood from immobilization, and to avoid prostatitis, semicircular and rectangular orthopedic pillows are used. They are made of hypoallergenic materials, breathable, which do not collect dust. The sacrum, tailbone, pelvic bones and genitals are in a free position. This is a pledge of long youth and the fact that the driver will not have to spend the lion’s share of his salary on the treatment of hemorrhoids and prostatitis. As for example for the best car seat cushion for Uber drivers you can choose Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion.


If drivers spend a lot of time at the wheel, they probably know the problem of sciatica. Professional drivers often go to the doctor with complaints of heaviness in the back, swelling of the legs, numbness of fingers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! The sitting position is uncomfortable not only for the back but also for the internal organs, compression of the nervous structures occurs, blood circulation is disturbed, which leads to such many illnesses. Modern best car seat cushion for sciatica, for example ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Car Seat Cushion offers to solve this problem by applying a special orthopedic pillow for the driver’s seat.


Best car seat cushion is the most popular and most sought after type of similar products. At the same time, most drivers need not only the prevention of any diseases but the creation of comfort during long trips. Such pillows are usually made of polyurethane foam but may be inflatable. Some models have a mechanism for the regulation of air filling (to adjust the height of the pillow).

Orthopedic seat pillows are classified according to the material they are made of and the functions they perform. At the same time, there are cushions of different shapes and sizes.

  • Latex and Polyurethane
  • These are the most common materials for the manufacture of car seat cushion models. They are hypoallergenic, do not absorb moisture and are almost not deformed even after several years of active use. Also, such materials as foam and memory form are used. The granules remembering the shape of the body allow being constantly in this position.Gel
  • Gel car seat cushion cools the body and distributes the load evenly. It is not recommended for usage in cars with heated seats since the gel softens and loses its properties.Buckwheat
  • This is the best filler of natural origin. It does not cause allergies, keeps its shape well, lets air through, does not lose its properties when heated.Inflatable
  • These are practical and cheap pillows made from rubber. They can be taken with you on the road because, in the collapsed state, they take place no more than a small roller of rubber. When the need arises to use them, it is enough to inflate it to the desired size. The variable size and low cost of an inflatable orthopedic car seat cushion are the main advantages of this type. They were used by our close-up ancestors. The modern industry produces inflatable pillows wrapped in pillowcases made from 100% cotton or the same latex.Round
  • This is the most common form. The load of the body, in this case, is evenly distributed around the perimeter. And the crotch is not under any load. Such a car seat cushion for back pain is perfect in the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, the fight against prostatitis, prenatal and postnatal rehabilitation, problems with the genital organs.Rectangular and Square
  • This is the best car seat cushion for long drives since it can be securely fixed in one position. Also, tens of models from different materials and calculated for various loadings are issued for office workers.For the Back

The main purpose of this type of pillow is to remove the load from the spine. Part of our weight falls on the roller, rigidly fixed on the back of the chair. As a result, the spine takes the most natural form for it.


The best seat cushion for car can be made in various forms and have different fillers. First of all, the orthopedic pillow should be comfortable and should not hinder movement. If the spine relaxes, the product compensates for pain, and the arms move freely, it means that the device is suitable for this criterion.

Also, note the following factors:

1. Ergonomic Support

Despite a large variety of species, the best car seat cushion 2020 is rather simple to choose. The main criterion will be the design and quality of the performance of its functions. In other words, when you use an ergonomic car seat cushion, you should be comfortable; the lower back should be in the most relaxed state. Orthopedic seat cushion has universal dimensions, but if you plan to use it not only in the car but also, for example, at work, choose the option that fits in the office chair.

The cushion should not be too soft or hard; it is better to acquire a damping pillow, holding the back in a normal position even when shaking. The quality of the exterior is important. Synthetic or leather case looks beautiful but prevents the passage of air. Because of this, the back sweats and creates discomfort; various types of dermatosis may appear. To use such a cushion is extremely inconvenient and dangerous. Choose accessories with a case of natural breathable material. Conveniently, if the cover is removable, it will simplify the care of the pillow.

2. Fabric

The fabric of the best seat cushion for driving must be of high quality and durable. If allergies are present, preference is given to artificial tissues.

4. Size

Cushions have different sizes. Standard products have 10-14 cm, but, according to most motorists, pillows up to 10 cm in size are more practical.

5. Filler

The quality of the filler determines the direction of action, stiffness and other parameters. Therefore, when choosing the best car seat cushion for sciatica pain, you need to find out the material which it is made from. The filler affects the “longevity” of the product. The filler can be:

#Foam Rubber

This is the most common filler. It has an artificial origin and properties such as flexibility, durability, and does not cause allergies. The material is available at a cost, making a foam car seat cushion quite popular. With the addition of some components, the pillow with a memory effect is obtained. The service life of such an item is up to 5 years.


This is a modern material of the best car seat cushion that is made from synthetic rubber. It has a rubber porous structure, high elasticity, as well as an antistatic effect and does not absorb dust. In winter, it helps to keep warm, in summer – air exchange. Latex is approved by health professionals; also it does not require additional care. It service life is up to 10 years.


This is a foamed polymer that is made from pellets by heating. The material is resistant to external factors. It is quite light, elastic, evenly distributed on the pillow without losing at the same time.

#Ease of Maintenance

Any car seat cushion requires proper care. To do this, you need to know the following:

  • It cannot be washed in water, only dry cleaning will do;
  • Do not put sharp objects on the surface of the pillow, as they may damage the fabric and the filler;
  • The pillowcase is washed in slightly warm water;
  • Do not use aggressive detergents;
  • If it is a memory foam car seat cushion, it cannot be washed because it will lose its qualities;
  • Air the product in dry weather regularly;
  • Do not whisk or shake it out so that it does not lose its shape;
  • Keep away from heating elements and sunlight;
  • Carefully study the instructions for the model pillows.

Adhering to these simple rules, you can extend the life of the best car seat cushion for long drives for many years. At the same time, it will look like new.


The best car seat cushion has a wide application. It is useful not only in cars but even at home, at work. An ordinary chair will become orthopedic, more comfortable and convenient. And without such comfort, you will not do well at work! Only with a comfortable office chair, the employee’s attention increases, his work efficiency improves, the quality of work raises, the error rate decreases and evenings pass without fatigue and back pain. In addition, it is worth mentioning the benefits: after all, it is much cheaper to buy a high-quality seat cushion than to buy a new orthopedic chair!

We hope you will make the right conclusions and take care of your health, or the health of your loved ones! After all, the best car seat cushion for long drives can be a great gift for a husband, brother, grandfather and other relatives who deal with cars. And especially such a model of the best seat cushion for car like Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion! It is almost flawless and can be useful for people with different conditions thanks to its comfortable design. Designed with a U-shaped cut and memory foam inside, it cares about your health.

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