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We all enjoy traveling, studying new places, meeting new people and just relaxing! But sometimes it is uncomfortable to have to rest in a car without some household appliances and devices we are used to. Fortunately, there is a cute invention of civilization – power inverter for the car.

The best car power inverter is truly a magic wand for drivers. In other words, this is a car voltage converter from 12v to 220v. Using this power inverter allows you to use ordinary household appliances in your car, and not spend money on special automobile devices. You can connect your car power inverter to accumulator and life on the road becomes comfortable.

It is important to remember that best car power inverter is definitely a useful and even indispensable thing for truckers and scientists going on long expeditions in their cars. The main thing is that power inverter significantly saves our money and time, helps keep up a good mood, which is so necessary on a long journey!


The main criterion by which inverters for automobiles differ is power, on which number and types of electrical equipment connected to the vehicle depend. So, voltage converters can be with the following wattage:

  • up to 300 watts;
  • from 300 to 1000 watts;
  • from 1000 watts.

#Inverters Below 300 Watts

These are weak inverters, connected both to a battery and through the cigarette lighter that can be suitable only for charging mobile phones. It is not recommended to overload them because this may lead to problems.

#Inverters from 300 to 1000 Watts

Devices of this type can only be connected directly to a car’s battery. Through them, it is possible to connect various household appliances such as laptops, televisions, microwave ovens, and so on.

#Inverters from 1000 Watts

Models of this type are acquired when it is necessary to organize construction work in conditions far from the power grid. Through them, you can connect various electric tools like drills, grinders, etc. Such AC inverter for car will be the most expensive.


Before choosing car DC to AC converter, first of all, it is necessary to calculate the total power of devices you need to connect. After calculation, resulting value can be safely increased by 30%. Power reserve should always be not only on the basis of connecting something more powerful, but also to avoid inverter working at its limit.

After that, you need to know battery capacity and generator power. If inverter’s capacity exceeds generator power – battery current will be consumed. With non-durable loads, this is not at all critical. With a longer use of devices, there is a risk of both a battery discharge and its failure.

#Input and Output Voltage

With these parameters, everything is simple: input voltage must correspond to real indicators when connected. Output, respectively, should not go beyond voltage for which connected electrical appliances are designed. Often, output voltage ranges from plus or minus 10% of 220 V.


Power is the most important parameter that determines the number and type of connected devices. As a rule, inverters with a capacity of up to 300 W are fully capable of working when connected to a cigarette lighter. High power car outlet converter must be connected directly to battery terminals.

When some devices are turned on, starting loads exceed constant output power. Therefore, a reserve of peak capacity is necessary; otherwise, there is a chance that devices that are more serious than a laptop will not turn on.

#Protective Functions

Protection against short circuits, overload, overheating, from a low input voltage and from incorrect polarity will help extend the life of both inverter and on-board power network. A low input voltage indicates that battery is soon discharging, so this function can be classified as mandatory.

#USB Ports

If you often need to charge your phone or tablet, proper models that come with USB ports. Of course, this outlet won’t be able to power multiple appliances, though it is great for digital devices.

Power Outlets

Power outlets and their number matters. Multiple outlets are a bit bulky, though they allow connecting several appliances at once. Single outlets are cheap enough, and current they provide is about 150 – 200 W.


The service life of auto inverter 12 220V depends on the degree of protection against moisture and dust. In a vehicle, there is a lot of dust, moist air, and condensate. If there are vents in case, then dirt is easily accumulated inside. So, choose a model with a high level of protection, and it will serve you longer.


Choosing the best car power inverter is not a very difficult task. As practice shows, cheap models will allow you to free cigarette lighter socket or install a guest outlet. More powerful devices can come in handy when traveling far from civilization or when you need to connect equipment without a household electrical network. The main thing – do not be lazy to check the characteristics of the battery and generator. According to our rating, Energizer 4000 Watt 12V Power Inverter is the best car power inverter 2020. It stands out because of its fantastic power of 4000 watts and ability to support a watt peak range of 8000 watts. In addition, this power inverter for car comes with 2 outlets and 2 USB ports that can be used simultaneously. Led display, which is present in the design of this device, will notify you about temperature, battery life, voltage, and wattage. And finally, this power inverter is approved by METLAB for safety and performance. As you see, this is our top pick, because it fully meets our expectations. If you have different needs, choose any model from those we reviewed above.

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Car battery inverter is a device designed to produce a stable voltage of 220V from a constant 12V. As a rule, it is used to provide energy for household electrical appliances at the expense of the vehicle’s internal electrical network. In other words, a device, which uses battery energy, allows you to turn the vehicle into a small semblance of a power station. This is very convenient for long journeys, as well as for those who prefer to take a laptop, portable TV or other equipment on a trip. Do not worry about the safety of a car battery. The best car power inverter is absolutely safe for all electrics of a car. The only thing to be taken care of it is to monitor energy consumed.
Today people can’t live without additional gadgets such as MP3 player, GPS navigator, video recorder, etc. All listed devices can work from cigarette lighter or own battery. But, how to be if on the road there is a need to use a device, which we usually plug into an outlet? For example, we want to charge a laptop or a dead phone. In this case, power inverter for car will help a lot. It converts a DC voltage from a car battery into the AC voltage needed to run household appliances which are usually plugged into an outlet. Most cars, caravans are powered by a 12-volt battery, but some vehicles, such as trucks, use 24-volt batteries. So when choosing a device, it is important to know the voltage. In any case, auto’s battery is a source of constant voltage, and it can only deliver a constant current.
Recommended car battery inverter is the one that lets you use at least 1000 watts. At the same time, it should be easy in use and portable. Manufacturers, who produce such devices, are blessed because they give us a chance to use usual and necessary things in emergent cases and situations. Today, there are various top-rated brands that will provide with a great number of useful features. Special attention should be paid to KRIËGER and Energizer.
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