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The amplifier is one of the main nodes in a car audio system. It is beyond doubt that with the help of the best car amplifier, you can make speakers work much more productively. Thus, for all those who are not indifferent to high-quality sound, the choice should be taken very responsibly.

It is noteworthy that there are various types of these devices, and they can be assembled with hands. Let's learn how to choose a device so that it really pleases your ears. Most car stereos already have a built-in multi-channel amplifier. And for many drivers, this system is completely suitable. Some people do not change the regular sound in a vehicle, but there are those who love music in a car to sound high quality and loud. It is a settled fact that without the best car amplifier, it is impossible to enjoy such luxury. A car subwoofer without this device will not give the desired effect. Such equipment can improve the performance of acoustics, regardless of the quality of the head unit.

A distinctive feature of a good car amplifier lies in the absence of strict restrictions on tuning. Favourite tracks will always sound good at minimum volume levels and even at maximum.

Best amp for subs connected into a speaker system, has several significant advantages. With it, you can increase not only sound power but also its quality. Very often, auto acoustics are acquired after installing the head unit. If selected speakers, as well as a subwoofer, are of high quality, then, they will need more energy at peak performance. The standard audio system cannot provide this. So, if you are not indifferent to high-quality sound in your car and want to enjoy it, then you should be able to choose the best car amplifier with responsibility. Our reviews will help you with this.

It suffices to say that a car speaker amplifier is not a cheap pleasure. Sometimes, such a device can be more expensive than the speaker itself. Thus, it is advisable to pick the best one and spend money on a really effective, reliable thing. Our rating of TOP 10 car amplifiers will make this task easier for you.

Automotive amplifiers can be divided into two types: single-channel amplifiers or multichannel amplifiers, with up to 6 channels. Let’s see what the main differences between them are.

Single channel models are high power bass amps. Typically, this type of devices is used exclusively for subwoofers. Single channel car amps for sale are designed to work with subwoofers with a low impedance load. If you can load a subwoofer up to 8 ohms, then taking a single-channel purely under it does not make sense. It will be quite enough to purchase a two channel device and connect it with a bridge circuit.

These are designed to connect two speakers or a subwoofer. This type of amplifier maintains a low-impedance load and is able to work in a bridge arrangement. Such models are quite versatile and are able to maintain adjustment combinations that are necessary for the high-quality operation of a subwoofer. For example, you can bring evenly bass and filtering infra-low frequencies.

If to approach four channel TOP car amplifiers from a technical side, then their purpose is similar to the previous category. They look like a single package with a common power supply for two dual-channel amplifiers. The main difference between these types of amplifiers is the ability to connect three speakers to one stereo amp output, which is called tri-mode. And there is also a possibility of using the second pair of linear output using the output of the first one.

This type of amplifier is built based on the previous one, and the fifth channel is designed to connect a subwoofer.

These devices are not widely distributed and in demand. Sound systems that need such amps are rare.


It is necessary to choose an amplifier seriously, having thought over everything and having weighed all their pros and cons. Only after you do this, you will be ready to decide whether you need to buy this particular model or not. So, it is recommended to pay more attention to the following parameters:

Power is one of the most important criteria, and there are two types of it: Maximum or RMRO. In fact, you should not pay attention to the numerical value of maximum power, since this parameter has no direct relation to sound quality. Though, manufacturers often focus attention on it, actively misleading buyers; Nominal or RMS. Nominal power shows what will be a future sound and allows you to assess the characteristics of a car amplifier for sale. The main problem is that manufacturers resort to a little trick indicating the value of power at a supply voltage at the level of 13.8 to 14.4 V. In practice, the voltage in vehicle electrical system is no more than 12-13 V, which is up to 20% lower than indicated. Therefore, to obtain high-quality sound at a high volume level, it is desirable to stop at choosing an amplifier with a power reserve of up to 30% when coordinating with a speaker.

It is a frequency range of sound that an amplifier is capable of handling. The standard range for human ear is 16-2000 Hz, but for some people, these limits can be much wider. In addition, low-frequency vibrations, already inaudible by the ear, are perceived by the entire surface of the body, which gives an impression of most saturated sound. In general, the wider is the frequency range of car amps for sale, the richer is sound that they can provide. However, this is not an unambiguous guarantee of high sound quality, much also depends on signal-to-noise ratio and other features.

It is one of the main parameters determining sound quality of best amp for subs as a whole. It describes the ratio of the useful signal (pure sound) and various extraneous noises. This takes into account almost all noise – both due to external causes, and those created by the device itself. Accordingly, the higher the signal-to-noise ratio is, the less is audibility of various interferences and clearer is sound. 95-100 dB is considered an average for car audio, but in advanced models, this value can be significantly higher.

It is an ability to connect a remote control to car amps for sale. Note that the functionality of remote controls for amplifiers significantly differs from other types of electronics. First, the connection is most often carried out by wire. Secondly, console itself provides a minimum of adjustments – most often it controls only the Bass Boost function, allowing you to quickly adjust bass level depending on the track being played. However, control from the console is still significantly more convenient than changing settings from the panel.

Presence of illumination in the design of a car subwoofer amplifier can play a purely decorative role and provide additional convenience. For example, it makes it easier to control if a device is installed in a dimly lit place like a boot niche.


The audio system in a car is as necessary as a refrigerator in the kitchen. Without music, any trip will be boring and tedious. For many, music is a kind of passion, so owners install professional audio systems in cars. However, none of these audio systems can work without the best car amplifier. Taking into account our professional review, it is possible to state for sure that choosing the best amp for subs is not an easy task. Rockford Fosgate Ultra-Compact Amp is on top of our rating and is considered to be the best car amplifier for today. It has a super-compact size and was developed with an emphasis on the maximum output power of 300 W. This car amplifier is equipped with a built-in crossover, which makes it possible to trim unnecessary frequencies. When a signal is applied to acoustics, it filters part of low frequencies that are not reproduced by a speaker. With exceptional ability to recognize input signal, this amplifier by Rockford Fosgate can be connected to non-standard audio systems. Moreover, it will be the best choice for systems, which are limited in space. Thus, if you want to be an owner of the best car amplifier, this model should be the first on your list.

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Installation of a car amplifier is as important as choosing the best car amplifier. The device needs to be installed in a car, which turns out to be a daunting task, requiring a number of skills. It is important to know that before you connect the amplifier, you need to equip a separate place for the device. There are few such places in the ca , such as under the glove box or trunk. Installation of an additional shelf behind passenger seat is preferred only by owners of large jeeps or audio tuning enthusiasts, who are ready to sacrifice a rear view for good sound.
When buying a car speaker amplifier, it is extremely important to pay attention to the brand. If you buy a device by the unknown manufacturer, you can hardly count on good sound quality. It is best to turn to crazy brands that have long been on the market and have already gained respect and value reputation. For example, such companies as Hertz, Alpine, DLS, Focal. From more budget options, you might want to pay attention to such brands as Rockford Fosgate, Alpine, JL Audio, etc. We recommend Rockford Fosgate Ultra-Compact Amp.

Proper setup of the best car amplifier is a key to its high-quality work. However, without special knowledge, it is not an easy task. If you have little experience in setting up the music system in a vehicle, or you started it for the first time, then the step-by-step guide will be useful. Therefore, before you turn on the amp, it is important to pre-configure it. This can be done on a non-installed device, knowing the set of audio system components:

  • Gain or Level control should be at the minimum;
  • LP filter for a subwoofer channel must be turned on 80 Hz in advance;
  • HP filter is pre-set to Full for door speakers or in the rear shelf. If your amp is connected to small speakers in a dashboard, then turn on HPF at 120 Hz;
  • When using the amplifier in channel-by-channel mode, HP filter for tweeters and LP for midbass should be switched on at 4 kHz;
  • High Low-Level switch must match the type of connection. If the amplifier receives a signal from speaker wires, then you need to set the regulator to the Hi-Level position. Also, the signal is taken from linear outputs audio system, then the regulator is set to Low-Level position;
  • Bass and equalizers should be turned off during the pre-adjustment stage.

Once amplifiers equipped with an input selector, you can do without Y-splitters. For example, by switching an input selector to a 2CH position, you can connect a 5-channel amplifier to an audio system that has only one pair of line outputs. But when using all linear RCA inputs, you need to remember to turn off selector. Otherwise, the ability to adjust the sound from the stationary audio system will disappear.

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