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The best brake pads paired with the disc are the system that provides redistribution and damping of the kinetic energy of the car. The friction material of the best brake pads has a high coefficient of friction brake disc's metal, due to which the rotation of the wheels stops. Like brake discs, the best brake pads play an essential role in ensuring the safety of both the driver and passengers of the car, as well as other road users.

Regardless of the design of the mini brake pads (disc or drum), the task of the best brake pads is to stop the rotating of the brake disk due to strong friction on contact. In disc brakes pads, they clamp from two sides, while in the drum they cling to the rim from the inside. In both cases, the friction surface of the disc brake pads is coated with a material with a high coefficient of friction. This is calculated from the viscosity and hardness for optimal wear of the disc, the softness of the brakes and the degree of adhesion to the metal.

The main task of the best brake pads is to work effectively in any weather and under any unfavorable conditions. The most challenging task for good brake pads is in conditions of high humidity. Water reduces the coefficient of friction, both between the pads and discs and between the tires and the road.

We examined the top 5 brake pads brands and learned all reviews about the highest rated brake pads. Besides, we created a top list of the best brake pads in 2020 and wrote the best brake pads review.


Today, the market has four main types of best brake pads for cars and trucks: Semi-metallic. This formula, containing 30 to 65 percent of the metal, usually includes chopped steel wool or wire, iron powder, copper or graphite mixed with inorganic fillers. It also includes friction modifiers that bind all the ingredients together. These best brake pads are more durable and have excellent heat dissipation. Organic brake pads. This type is made of materials such as glass, rubber, carbon and Kevlar, and high-temperature resin. These quiet brake pads are softer and create less noise, but they wear out more quickly and create more dust. Low-metallic brake pads. They are made according to the same formula as organic NAO with the addition of a small amount (10 to 30 percent) of copper or steel to improve heat exchange and provide better braking. With the addition of metal appears more brake dust, and such pads can be noisier in operation. Ceramic. The best ceramic brake pad consists of ceramic fibers, filler of non-ferrous metals, binders and, sometimes, a small amount of metal. They are lighter and more expensive than other brake pads. Speaking of the best performance brake pads, they are noteworthy in that they use fewer brake discs. It is the abrasive dust, and not the device itself, that is the main attribute of disc wear. Besides, these pads work much quieter than traditional ones. Kinds of such devices are always included in top-rated brake pads and rotors.

Brake Pads by Category

When asking which brake pads are better while buying one, note that the pads are divided into 3 main categories:

  • First – delivered to the conveyor;
  • Second – goes to the auto parts market;
  • Third – the most budgetary since it is supplied to developing countries.

The best brake pads from conveyor meet all standards and are original. The price for such parts, as a rule, is twice as high. These pads are packed by the automaker in the original packaging. They might be produced by some reputable company, and the same pads, but in a different package and with another catalog number, can be bought cheaper than the “original.” Aftermarket products, the so-called “non-original pads” are the most common on the shelves of stores due to a more affordable price (one-third cheaper). This is achieved due to a decrease in the quality of the materials used. Export to developing countries is characterized by lower quality standards. Therefore, they are produced not only from less reliable materials but also do not pass the necessary tests. This is because they are intended for sales in countries with lower standards requirements. The price of such not dust free brake pads is only one-third of the cost of the original but replacement of the pads will have to be made more often.


Before you decide to buy the best brake pads, you have to know all the rules for choosing best-rated brake pads. Three Basic Rules for Choosing Pads:

  • Avoid the occurrence of extraneous sounds after replacement, select the pads of one brand/series and/or the composition of the mixture together with the brake discs;
  • It’s better to buy brake pads from the first two categories;
  • Selection should be made in light of the driving style and operating conditions.

In addition to these conditions, one should not forget that the market is teeming with fakes and dubious quality with consumables of the brake system.


It’s better to make a purchase in a proven store and choose the brake pads you need based on the appearance of the box and the best brake pads themselves. Here are some tips:

Check the marking of the brake pads

  • There must be a certification mark (R90 or 90R) on the best brake pads for cars;
  • There should not be any foreign bodies on the patch (small microscopes are allowed);
  • Except for the base and the friction part there can be an additional layer, do not be afraid of it;
  • Pay attention to the numbers of the operating temperature – the higher the indicator, the better the brake pads;
  • There must be a passport, a certificate of quality, a warranty card, and even an installation manual in the box of a self-respecting manufacturer of best brake pads, as a rule.

Check the unique code

The most modern method of protection is a unique product code (a set of letters and numbers that never repeats). If you want to check the brake pads you like before buying, you can check the last 4 characters of the batch number on the package, or put the code on the manufacturer’s site.

Check the price

Do not buy those best brake pads for cars, the cost of which is much lower than the average price in auto shops. Such an attractive price can just testify that for their production, cheap friction mixtures were used – ones that are not able to provide efficient work.


The best brake pads are essential parts for a comfortable operation of the car. The best brake pads are responsible for correct braking and a small amount of dust during it, so you need to buy them doing some research. There are many kinds of the best brake pads, but you must carefully choose the ones that suit you. Carefully look at all the signs of the brand and quality. We loved the best brake pads in 2020 – ACDelco 171-1040 GM Original Equipment Front Disc Brake Pad Network, for the reason that these are the best brake pads, which do not create noise and do not harm the rotors. Yes, they are more expensive than other models, but this price justifies itself, unlike best ceramic brake pads like Hawk or others. We honestly think that ACDelco are the best quality brake pads 2020 has to offer.

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There is no strict regulation if you want to replace the centric brake pads. Their wear depends only on the quality of the metal, driving style and weather factors. Therefore, you need to check the condition of the brake discs, so as not to miss the moment of changing brake pads.
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