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Someone cannot afford a built-in handsfree car kit. Someone just does not like the manufacturer’s built-in system, so he acquires the best Bluetooth car kit separately. A significant advantage of buying a good autonomous Bluetooth car kit is that it will not be tied to a specific car. You can take it with you, for example, by renting a prestigious car or by changing your old iron horse to a new one. As a result, you will easily use a proven and familiar device, without spending your precious time searching for a new one.

Bluetooth car kit has several different features. It may include an FM transmitter that works through a car stereo system. You can also choose the best Bluetooth handsfree car kit in the form of a speakerphone, mounted on the sun visor. Such gadgets stand out among others that need a higher quality connection. Finally, there are Aux models that can work even in older cars with a cassette recorder. So, we present to your attention the five best Bluetooth car kit 2020 models for hands-free communication, allowing you to minimize the risk of an emergency when talking on a cell phone while driving.

To keep your hands free from the phone, and to get rid of the ever-twisting wires – these are the main goals of the best Bluetooth car kit 2020. In addition to drivers, the device is popular among athletes and business people. But which option is best suited to your requirements? Our rating, in which we examined five of the most reliable and high-quality models according to the Bluetooth handsfree car kit reviews on the modern electronics market, will help determine this. We made the ranking based on customers’ Bluetooth car kit reviews, technical characteristics, and expert opinion.


Bluetooth car kits divide into some types, and you need to consider some of them to determine which to choose for yourself.

#Bluetooth Speakerphone

This Best Bluetooth Car Kit is designed as a monoblock. It also has a speaker, microphone and control buttons. It is usually installed using a cigarette lighter socket and left near it. However, sometimes the device is placed on the sun visor. Connection via a cigarette lighter provides uninterrupted access to the vehicle’s electrical system. However, the driver has to learn how to answer the call using the buttons. Thus, you may not react in time if you run out onto the roadway. Thus, the option of mounting on the visor will be better in terms of safety. Moreover, the device is located closer; you will better hear the interlocutor and speak a little more comfortable, but in a certain place. This arrangement requires additional recharging. In addition, the speakerphone is also not able to recognize the people who are calling you. In general, not everyone likes speakerphones. In fact, it is the same as the broadcaster of your conversation. If someone is travelling with you, he will also be aware of what you are talking about. The mono car kit is still more convenient. But this already depends on the driver himself.

#Bluetooth Module

This connection is made directly to the radio. However, it is difficult to install the adapter correctly at once. But the result of such efforts will be justified. Now you can hear the interlocutor on the machine’s audio system itself. Playing music becomes smarter – when you make a call, the volume is muted automatically. Besides, usually, the module is equipped with a display. It shows who is calling. You can also enter the contact number without using the phone itself. Usually, the package includes either a remote control or a keyboard. So it’s easy to manage calls. Selecting the adapter, pay attention to the integrated models. They have the most complete functionality. Besides, they often set the IEDR profile, the so-called remote access to the SIM card.


Which Bluetooth car kit to choose? Most of them are universal gadgets and compatible with almost all car models. If you want to choose the right device after reading out Bluetooth handsfree car kit reviews, check out some criteria. To avoid any excesses with the “death of the phone” or damage to the connectors, you need to select the kit carefully. Check if the set is compatible with your car and the smartphone to be connected. Best of all, when on the device box it is prescribed that it is compatible with your model. If it is written a “single-platform model”, then compatibility conflicts are quite real. Check the system’s ability to display numbers and other contact data. In addition, not all best Bluetooth car kits support voice dialing. Even if it is in the functions, see additionally if it is tied to the intonations of the operator’s voice. In addition to this, the car kit must be able to be updated. Moreover, technologies are developing quite quickly. And you do not want to buy every year a new device due to the fact that the functionality of the old is not enough. Not all smartphones are compatible with old Bluetooth devices. In this case, the system turns into a real load.

#1 Compatible with Built-In Audio System

In some cars, the audio system is already installed, but it does not support wireless technologies. In this case, you are unlikely to change anything even with the best Bluetooth FM transmitter car kit. Such audio systems are not subject to modifications. Accordingly, when buying a car, you need to pay attention to it.

#2 Protection

Authentication of new connections can be annoying, but it is not recommended to disable it. Otherwise, you give intruders access to your devices. For example, you can lose the phone book data from your smartphone.

#3 Bluetooth Music Playback

Bluetooth car kits are multifunctional devices. Thanks to them, you can use the phone not only hands-free but also listen to your favorite playlist from the phone on the radio. Some car players are not equipped with USB ports or thereby Bluetooth with a special AUX input come to the rescue. The kit is then connected to the cigarette lighter and directly to the audio input. In fact, such devices are intermediaries between the car audio playback system and audio file carriers. The price of such devices is more than acceptable. Their range is also quite wide. With the right approach, this technology can turn your car into the most convenient means of communication and recreation.

# Bluetooth AUX Adapter

Such a device is one of the most stable Bluetooth-based connections in the car. AUX adapter is a cable input. The device can also be powered via a USB connector. So it’s in the car itself. Thus, the adapter can be connected via a cigarette lighter or USB.


Best Bluetooth car kit brings more benefits than problems. Thus, it is better to tinker with the installation and connection, but then be content with all the functions of wireless technologies. Also, it is not difficult to pick up something reasonable. It can be a cheap hands-free model, and an expensive best Bluetooth car kit – it all depends on your requirements for the device. Of course, their functionality is significantly different, but everyone copes with the main function – they receive calls, give the opportunity to speak without holding the phone. In addition, some best Bluetooth car kits help to play audio files from other media directly to the car stereo. Thus, you are killing two birds with one stone – listen to music quietly and receive calls on the road. So, devices with Bluetooth support are already more of a necessity in a car than just an extra opportunity. Our choice is TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit, as TaoTronics makes one of the best Bluetooth car kits on the market. And at its affordable price, it’s a stellar value.

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Modern expensive wireless devices have many useful additional features. The automatic volume adjustment feature allows you to amplify the sound with increasing background noise so that the user can still hear the sound being played well.

Many best Bluetooth car kits also have a noise cancellation system. In this case, two microphones are installed on the device: one - closer to the mouth, the second – at some distance (on the outside of the headset or on the bar). The processor matches the sound of two tracks, isolates the user's voice and amplifies it. You can’t completely get rid of the noise, but you can improve the quality of the sound. Some noise-canceling gadgets may slightly distort the timbre of the voice. If there are interruptions on the main transmission channel, smart kits can instantly switch to the backup channel on their own so that the conversation is not interrupted. If the Bluetooth car set supports NFC technology, then you only need to attach the devices to each other for a second to connect to the smartphone and confirm the pairing in the menu.

Some sets support connecting to two devices, for example, to your smartphone and tablet. This feature of the best Bluetooth car kit is called Multipoint. This can be convenient when using gadgets for various purposes (phone in the car, and the tablet at work and so on). It is very convenient when an audio assistant, using voice commands, can independently call the last number dialed or call specific contacts from the phone book. Depending on the battery capacity, on average, the car kit in the standby mode (without calls) hold a charge for five to eight days, while in active talk mode they can work up to 24 hours on one full charge of the built-in batter.

If you often talk on the phone, then you are well aware that constantly keeping your hand near your ear is uncomfortable and tiring. You can solve this problem with the best Bluetooth handsfree car kit. But which option is better to choose? Many users prefer wired solutions. But they have a lot of flaws, including constantly tangling cables, as well as isolation of external noise, which may be insufficient or excessive. For this reason, it is better to choose the best Bluetooth handfree car kit, which is small, convenient and has good autonomy as the driver is not distracted from driving, his hands are not occupied. Accordingly, the chances of making an accident are less.
The speed of the connection of the headset with a mobile device, as well as the speed and quality of data transmission depends on the generation or version of Bluetooth. Many modern devices support the Bluetooth 3.0 protocol, some older models – version 2.0. Most modern devices can work through the channel of the fourth generation, which provides an increased range. But before buying such a gadget, make sure that your smartphone also supports Bluetooth 4.0. Of course, even with the previous generation of wireless communication, everything will work, but it will not be possible to achieve maximum quality and speed of sound transmission.
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