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ProLine Extended Life Antifreeze Coolant Full Strength

Best antifreeze is a liquid, usually produced on the basis of ethylene glycol, designed to maintain optimum temperature conditions of the engine. It has a freezing point lower than that of water, and its application makes it possible to use a car at temperatures below 0°C.

Currently, you can buy antifreeze for sale using various corrosion inhibitors. These chemicals prevent the destruction of metal parts of your vehicle when in contact with the mixture. Pay attention because this liquid is always needed for a car. It removes excess heat from a running engine and does not freeze during severe frosts, thus preventing the motor walls from bursting. Thanks to a special pump, antifreeze circulates through the car system. If a vehicle needs to be heated, the liquid will go through a so-called small circle – without touching radiator and helping to evenly distribute heat.

In the case when the engine is heated to a certain temperature, the big circle system is turned on, and the cooling radiator is used to circulate the coolant. The movement of it is carried out inside a cylinder block. Its walls represent the whole system. Thus, question, why it is still needed, can be answered as follows: for optimal functioning of your vehicle. Now be ready to learn what the best antifreeze is today.


Mixing different types of antifreeze for the car is not recommended. A mixture of liquids with different additives will lead to degradation of properties, resulting in a decrease in maintenance interval. If absolutely necessary, it is better to dilute the liquid with clean distilled water.

In the worst case, various corrosion inhibitors that were never intended to be mixed are mutually neutralized, and the entire cooling system of a car will be affected, which will lead to its failure. For example, mixing a green coolant with orange will result in a gel-like mixture. The result will be clogging of cooling system channels, overheating of the water pump and failure of its bearing.


Antifreeze colors are generated entirely by the addition of a dye and are not natural colors of any chemicals or additives mixed during production. This liquid is a poison for humans, so they use bright colors. Nevertheless, there is a difference between the coolants of different colors.

Specific colors are consistent with the automotive industry. They denote chemical composition, service life and the properties of additives introduced:

Zerex Original Green Antifreeze
  • green has a silicate additive package that totally protects all surfaces of the cooling system from corrosion;
  • orange is a new generation antifreeze on polypropylene glycol base. It is eco-friendly and guarantees a longer service life.


It is necessary to top up antifreeze only on the cold vehicle, that is, with a cool engine and cooling system. Otherwise, you risk getting burned. As a whole, topping up the coolant is a very simple operation that any driver can cope with, but it cannot be taken lightly. The wrong choice of liquid or airlock can cause a lot of problems in the further operation of a vehicle.


Types of antifreeze come with pigment to distinguish them from water, first. Also, there is a common table of colors used by automakers over the years.

Green Antifreeze G11 is made from ethylene glycol. In the production of this type, they use inorganic acids (IAT) as a chemical basis. Usually, G11 contains silicate or phosphate as anti-corrosion additives. It is designed for two years or 50-60 thousand kilometers.

Orange one or G12 for VAG has a higher class of protection against corrosion and is produced by the technology of organic acids (OAT). It does not contain silicates and phosphates, which are present in the traditional green liquid. G12 is widely used in Europe and usually have a longer service life (up to 5 years or 200 thousand kilometers). Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat use their own mix of antifreeze called G12, which has a pink or purple color.

Yellow Antifreeze G5 is based on hybrid organic acid (HOAT) technology. Developed by German corporation B5 G5, G5 is positioned as a premium product for European automakers, as well as Chrysler and Ford.


By the composition of anti-corrosion additives, it is possible to distinguish three types of antifreeze:


Inhibitors of this type are inorganic substances: silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrates, nitrites, amines, etc. Inorganic cooling fluids include antifreeze and its modifications, as well as all formulations labeled IAT. You can buy a liquid that cools the engine with a service life of 2 years.


Inhibitors of these compounds are classified as organic acids. The formula of carboxylate antifreeze allows you to buy a coolant that creates a protective film only in areas of corrosion with the formation of a protective layer of not more than 0.1 microns. The organic composition is designated as OAT coolants. You can buy this type of coolant with a service life of up to 5 years.


The composition of this antifreeze coolant includes both inorganic (silicates or phosphates) and organic inhibitors that improve adsorption with car components. Hybrid coolant is labeled as HOAT and is characterized by a service life of up to 3 years.


Types of antifreeze today are available in two forms: ready-to-use and concentrated. This choice should be carried out, based on the instructions of an automotive manufacturer. You can learn about them by reading instructions in the service book.

The main criteria for selection of antifreeze, to which it is necessary to look closely, are the following:

Sufficiently high heat capacity:

  • Heat conduction;
  • Low crystallization temperature.

In addition to the main above, antifreeze should not expose the metal to corrosion and should not form foams when the power unit is in operation.

Valvoline MaxLife Universal Antifreeze Coolant

#Car Release Date

When choosing a coolant, also take into account the year of manufacture of your car. The later it left conveyor, the higher should be the class of poured fluid.


Also, you should buy antifreeze and pay attention to its packaging. According to standard, it must be transparent so that the buyer can inspect contents for any particles and sediment. A container must be completely sealed.


Pay attention to the label. A good sign if it is special. The label should be as informative as possible with the following components:

  • Company – manufacturer of antifreeze;
  • Date of manufacture;
  • Service time;
  • The main component of the liquid.


Pay special attention to additives added to antifreeze: inhibitors are non-corrosive, non-foaming and stabilizing. If they are not present, parts of the motor system will collapse over time. Coolants must comply with ASTM (American Association for Testing Materials) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).


So, what’s the best antifreeze? Each of the reviewed products occupies a decent high place on today’s market of coolants, so which one to choose you should decide on your own. Based on the results we received from our research, the best choice is Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant. It is absolutely approved as the best to be used in the newest models of cars by Ford, Chrysler, and Mercedes-Benz. It is effective for diesel and gasoline engines. Thanks to Hybrid Organic Acid Technology of this antifreeze, ultimate protection against corrosion and rust is guaranteed. Thanks to the top-quality defamer system, you can be sure that hoses and plastic won’t be damaged. According to users, there was not a single problem with the water pump over the five years of utilization of this coolant.

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